The Path to Workplace 2020: HR Predictions and Actions for 2014 (Part Two)

February 10, 2014 Michael George

workplace 2020To predict what will happen in 2014, we took a long, hard look at all that occurred in our space last year. We believe 2013 was a great year for the HR and workforce technology industry. Last year was not quite a soap opera show like it has been in the past. What made the year great is that it was a year of general calm, thus leading to clarity. What were tech trends took hold last year. The calm water in the industry paired with our knowledge of upcoming changes in the workforce allow us to develop a clear direction as to what we should march towards—Workplace 2020.

Come year 2020, the tectonic generational shift that has been happening will reach a point where digital natives will have a major presence in workplaces around the world. As we know, digital natives are unlike digital immigrants. Digital natives have different priorities, expectations, as well as tools. As such, HR professionals must make changes in the workplace now in preparation for tomorrow and the future. If you want to attract, engage, and retain top talent to ensure your organization’s success, more of the last 10 years is not going to cut it. To help you in the short term, we have laid out what we anticipate in 2014. In total, we have six predictions and will briefly summarize the predictions in a “Path to Workplace 2020” three-part blog series. Be sure to read Part One if you missed it last week.

Part Two

Prediction: Big Data Finally a Reality

For 2014, big data will no longer be talk, but will become a reality. Vendors in our industry recognized the value data could provide to the HR function, as such developed capabilities to analyze data—big sets of data. Today’s technological advancements not only allow the HR function to identify important correlations within the function, but also across all functions. For 2014, we anticipate HR will review relevant data to decide what they should start doing, continue doing, and/or discontinue doing in order to help the overall business achieve its goals and objectives.

Prediction: The Need for a Sophisticated Master Data Management System

For so many HR departments, there are multiple systems used for multiple purposes. Often, HR has a system for recruiting, training, payroll, benefits, performance management, and succession planning. For HR to access and analyze up-to-date information within the function, across the enterprise (including information from the devices used), and from external tools (e.g., LinkedIn), a sophisticated Master Data Management (MDM) system is required. In 2014, we anticipate HR will have MDM-related initiatives underway and will put to bed useless ways of finding out information about their people.

The road ahead for HR is fairly new frontier, but with unheard of opportunities. HR, embrace technology and all that it can offer to help you fulfill your strategic role. Take advantage of today’s technological advancements to prepare for both tomorrow and the future.

Be on the lookout for the final part of our “Path to Workplace 2020” three-part blog series covering a new implementation model and access to global talent. Also be sure to download our whitepaper for our full 2014 HR Predictions and Actions!

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