The Sierra Club: Success with Salesforce Sales Cloud

March 24, 2015 Jiordan Castle


What makes the Sierra Club an exceptional nonprofit organization? Not only have they spent more than 100 years dedicated to protecting millions of acres of wilderness, passing acts to purify our water, air, and endangered species, but they’ve also managed to maintain a network of over 2 million members and supporters in the process. But with so much history comes the need for an efficient way to store and share over 100 years of data.

Before partnering with Appirio, the Sierra Club faced some growing pains as a grassroots organization, challenged with managing their existing resources while expanding their operations. National and local chapters lacked a simple way to share information internally, often providing conflicting information or duplicate data as a result of having several homegrown systems rather than a single centralized system. Things were clumsy from an external standpoint as well, with potential donors finding the user interfaces cumbersome and difficult to navigate. As a result, numerous donor opportunities were missed.

That’s what brought the Sierra Club to Appirio: not just the simple need for an improved user experience, but also the desire to become a truly data-driven nonprofit. We provided the Sierra Club with in-house support every day throughout the process, helping them achieve increased visibility throughout their organization and more accessibility than ever before.

We started by creating a blueprint to help them map out a strategy for the future and target any gaps between the current systems and their goals. With that in place, we were able to help them construct an idea about how best to roll out these changes and determine which partner applications they would need at various integration points.

Perhaps most importantly, we connected the Sierra Club with NGO Connect and the Salesforce Sales Cloud, replacing their multiple in-house systems with the type of centralized system they’d been missing in their organization. Rather than multiple systems leaving too much room for error, Salesforce provides a straightforward method of reporting and a simple dashboard. So not only can field members now easily access data from their devices on the go, but donors can also more swiftly and simply find their way around, helping facilitate major donations.

By modernizing their methods, we were able to simplify and improve the Sierra Club’s daily operations for members and supporters. Because we recognize that every nonprofit has unique needs, we came up with solutions specific to their organization, so the Sierra Club can progress on the ground and efficiently store their data in the cloud.

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