This is OUR time; this is YOUR event!

August 22, 2013 Jason Averbook

HRTWe are at a magical inflection point in our industry that only comes about every 10 years or so.  By definition, an inflection point is when multiple things come together simultaneously to create a moment, an event or an opportunity.  It is rare that this happens and we are there.  What are these things you ask?

1) The world of the cloud is here and not going anywhere

Over the next 5 years, approximately 80-90% of organizations will either replace or have to re-implement their core HR technology; and most will go with some form of the cloud for delivery of that solution.  This type of mass change has not occurred since the preparation for Y2K for those that remember that.  This being said, and most of us are in that camp, we need to learn, educate and prepare more than ever.

2)  The talent landscape is more fluid than ever before

We live in a world where organizations are not hiring those who are unemployed.  We live in an era where tools such as LinkedIn know more about your workforce than you do.  We live in an era where techniques such as “crowdsourcing” are changing the way we plan for talent and where the whole function of managing talent needs to be “re-imagined” to deal with a workforce that has different drivers, goals and ambitions around something called “work”.  Work is being transformed daily as we speak and we can no longer do things the way we have in the past.  This being said, we need to think about the future now and plan accordingly as these type of changes don’t happen over night. They happen over time and we will be a big part of the planning and execution.

3) The workforce demands are changing

The workforce we are serving and driving to achieve business goals out of is about as different as any group we have ever had to service.  From some being digital immigrants to the massive entry of digital natives.   A workforce that would rather interact with their peers to get answers and information than ask a professional.  A workforce that is entering the workplace realizing that they have better technology in the palm of their hand than the business they are going to work for, and that has expectations and demands about the tools and solutions they use that force us to “re-imagine” what the workforce service delivery model, and tools to support it, look like.   This being said, every year we do not act on these major issues affecting how we operate, we lose approximately 3-5 years on a workforce that is learning to code their own applications daily while many of us are stuck in inertia. We need to learn.

Bill Kutik and the team at LRP have created what I think of as the “greatest show on earth” when it comes to truly understanding where an industry is currently and learning from the best individuals on the planet when it comes to how you should think and react to the changes going on today and into the future.  The HR Technology Conference 2013 in Las Vegas from October 6 through 9 is the “Can’t Miss Event Of The Year”.  The sessions at the conference are amazing including some of my favorites such as “The HR Tonight Show” which will include conversation and education from some of the most influential leaders in our space; a really cool “NextGen” influencers panel that will discuss how you are leaders can prepare for the generational changes ahead and other leaders such as Brian Kelly and Elaine Orler discussing how to act and respond to HR needs around workforce intelligence and analytics and the changing nature of the talent acquisition space respectively.

I am lucky enough to be providing you the closing keynote at this years gathering of our industry.  The title of the keynote is “We cannot afford to waste another generation of technology as we have in the past – lets act now!” and it addresses all of the megatrends that I address in this blog.  The conference is offering a $500 discount off the rack rate of $1,895  if you register using the promo code AVERBOOK and it never expires.

If you have already registered, see you there and please stay for my closing keynote.  If you haven’t this is the perfect opportunity to attend.  I am happy to take calls or emails at if you need the ammunition to sell this to your self about the time spent away from work or with your leaders on the importance of sending you to this event and helping you create the business case to attend.

This is OUR time; this is OUR event.  We are the only way this industry survives and shines during this inflection point and we cannot afford not to.  Lets do this together! See you in Vegas!!

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