Thriving with Appirio’s Cloud Management Services

March 28, 2018 Tina Kruse

We know that implementing a new technology is a little like a home remodel. It can be messy, unanticipated things happen, and, even with the best plans with a talented, recommended builder, there will be days when you wonder what made you take on such an endeavor. What happens after implementation? Have you considered how much support your teams will need to ensure that your Worker Experience doesn’t suffer? How will you thrive? 

At Appirio, we talk quite a bit about creating next generation worker and customer experiences.   We eat the dog food when it comes to offering amazing experiences to our own workers customers. We’re different.

But how are we different? Three key areas our customers noted as differentiators include our deep expertise, our partnership and ability to become an extension of their team, and our high level of customer service. 

Deep expertise 

“We transitioned from PeopleSoft to Workday in 2015,” said Marie Brito with East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, a nonprofit organization. Marie knew they needed some deep expertise with the platform if they were going to thrive. “There were some rocky areas when we transitioned ... To help us with these issues, we looked at several different companies that could help us … We chose Appirio.”  

And the result? “We noticed a difference right off the bat … to really help us troubleshoot the problems … and quickly solve them versus [the previous vendor].” Marie said our three levels of response times is impressive, and helps them maintain internal deadlines.   

Since she isn’t a technical person, Marie relies heavily on her Cloud Engineering Manager, Jake, to help keep their org going. She’s recently assumed more technical responsibility —  including security of the platform — and she says, “Appirio, to me, has really been a godsend. It’s almost like an extension of our company … I can always pick up the phone and check to see if I need to log a case or fix it myself. It’s a level of comfort and trust that I know we didn’t have with our previous provider … that’s so important to me.”  

Our expertise became even more important when they lost their Workday System Analyst to another company. “I told Alex that I wasn’t worried about losing [our system analyst] since I have him,” she said. “Appirio is the reason why we aren’t backfilling our System Analyst position. For what we pay Appirio, it is equivalent to the salary … and we know we have all areas of expertise covered with certified folks.” She also said, “We get an expert in every facet of Workday, 24/7.”  

A trusted partner and extension to your team 

In our Salesforce Cloud Management practice, one of our large clients — a major airline — uses the team to support their Service Cloud used by their travel agents. Their work is complex, and their company has high standards — and Appirio delivers. 

Shereen Khosravi is the Salesforce Program Manager supporting the airline’s Service Cloud with just one teammate. She relies on Appirio’s Cloud Management Services who have become an extension of her small team.  

As a trusted partner, she says, it’s the relationship she has with her Cloud Engineering Manager, Alex, as well as their Tech Lead, Connor, that has been critical to her success. “Our relationship with Alex is so crucial … he’s our number one partner in everything we do.”

“He has taken on so much leadership, and makes sure we are on top of things and move things along … he’s such a great partner to have on our side. The entire CM team are an extension of our team,” said Shereen. She also notes that being able to call on Connor’s technical expertise to ensure any changes she makes to the org are on track solidifies the partnership.  

Along with Alex and Connor, Shereen notes our system, the Cloud Management Center, helps her get the work done and look like a rockstar to her boss. She said, “It’s made my life so much easier. I have a way to instantly inform leadership of where we are in any given project.”  

High level of customer service with a personal touch

BraunAbility, who helps wheelchair users stay mobile, implemented Salesforce in 2016, and they knew they needed a service to help support them. 

Elaine Haschel, the Salesforce Administrator, reflects that they “quickly outgrew the service” they initially used, and she knew she needed a premier service like Appirio to help move their org forward.  

“I was frustrated all the time with our previous service,” Elaine said. “I could never get accurate timing to get anything done.” She didn’t view them as a partner, and didn’t receive the service she really needed. 

Elaine points out the level of personal service she gets from her Cloud Engineering Manager, Kristen, is above and beyond. “She’s just absolutely wonderful. Sometimes I do get bogged down, and she always nudges me … She’s proactive about things that impact my org,” she said.

Elaine notes that it’s due to this relationship that their team is now a “well-oiled machine”, and laughs that she spends more time with Kristen than some of her own teammates! But it isn’t just Kristen’s leadership (or the fact that she’s become an extension of Elaine’s team) that makes Elaine gush about Kristen. “Last March, my husband had to have surgery. We were in a hospital near Indianapolis, and she showed up with a goodie bag!” 

That’s the Appirio difference.

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