Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014

December 14, 2014 Kyle Dugan


As 2014 comes to a close, we are taking a look back at the top 10 blogs this year. Here they are, in no particular order:

The 10 Things Expected from Customer Service

Providing great customer service requires companies to build an ecosystem where customer happiness can thrive. This begins with hiring great people, then providing the business process, tools and technology for great people to excel. Providing great customer service also requires an understanding of the psychology of customers.

A Plea to the Cloud Industry – Demand Competitiveness

We started Appirio eight years ago with a simple goal – to accelerate the adoption of on-demand (now the cloud) in the enterprise and disrupt the IT services industry. We wrote a manifesto back then called Services 2.0 because we were so passionate (some might say rabid) about the promise of the cloud and its potential to transform IT, services and business models.

7 Steps to Ensure CRM Implementation Success

Many organisations fail to gain the real value from their substantial CRM investments. Despite mapping out current and to-be business processes, and then building the technology and data models to enable these processes, the desired results fail to materialise.

Top 5 Must-Do’s of Salesforce Campaigns

The Most Underrated Object in The Campaign Object. What are Salesforce Campaigns? Campaigns are a standard object in that can ROCK. YOUR. WORLD.

No One Cares About Your New Learning Management System; Why Should They?

At a former employer of mine, I was the system administrator for our Cornerstone OnDemand system.  I remember how exciting it was to implement this new system, which would become a key enabler of employee development for our organization.

How changed an industry, Appirio and me

I’ve always particularly enjoyed origin stories in comic books: how Superman came to earth and his isolation, Spiderman gaining powers and the guilt of inaction and the Hulk becoming green and the struggle against oneself. They provide a light on who we are and our struggles to escape or honor our pasts and beginnings.

An Application Blueprint – 80,000 Lines of Crowdsourced Code

We hear lots of fantastic questions day-in and day-out regarding crowdsourcing, and how the innovation driven by Topcoder is transforming individual lives and industries. However, this question above is by far the most common question we hear when it comes to the [Topcoder]™ community’s crowdsourcing model.

Welcome to the Salesforce Analytics Cloud

We will remember Dreamforce 2014 as the one where Analytics Cloud was born. There are a lot of reasons to celebrate its arrival. First of all, true Business Intelligence (BI) has been a lingering hole in Salesforce’s suite of products for a long time. Secondly, there is a large demand in the IT world for an agile, user-friendly, mobile-first, true cloud BI platform.

Workday Recruiting is Coming Soon: Think Process Execution First

The upcoming release of Workday Recruiting has generated huge interest among Appirio clients who are eager to replace their existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  So, while this isn’t a new topic, I think it’s an important reminder for organizations thinking about changing their recruiting technology solutions.

5 Custom Salesforce Apps Revealed: How Appirio Uses Software-as-a-Strategic-Weapon

Appirio has been promoting the idea of Software-as-a-Strategic-Weapon (SaaS-W).  The basic premise of SaaS-W is that implementing software to achieve operational efficiency is no longer enough. The firms that develop software that differentiates themselves from their competition will win market share.

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