Transforming Lives Through New Solutions and Beautiful Smiles

June 12, 2018 Rachel Koeling

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”

In 2017, Shaki Krishnamoorthy, an Integration/Business Intelligence (BI) Architect at Appirio, began working on a Salesforce Einstein Analytics implementation for Align Technology, Inc. — a global dental improvement organization. Little did she know that by the time she completed her work, she’d also be an Align customer.

Months prior, leaders at Align realized they were growing faster than their technology would allow. By offering service in 90 countries in over 20 years, they’ve helped transform five million smiles. But their legacy systems kept them from giving their workers, clients, and customers a remarkable experience.

Growing issues

In 1997, Align found a unique niche in 3D digital scanning products and services and quickly rose to success. Soon Align Technology became synonymous with their best-known product, the Invisalign® system. Invisalign is the world’s leading invisible teeth straightening technology that gives people the chance to get healthy, aligned teeth, without the use of traditional metal braces. 

But their systems and processes hindered their ability to provide a good Worker and Customer Experience. Align’s existing Salesforce CRM system didn’t support the needs of their sales representatives or practitioners. Their two legacy field applications (Compass and TFM Now) featured serious usability issues, not to mention neither app reflected the Align brand. 

They faced challenges with helping their practitioners grow their patient case volume. Align’s calculations for incentive programs for their network of doctors were done manually through a separate Excel spreadsheet. 

Additionally, their mobile app was inefficient, causing field reps to struggle to have meaningful conversations with dental care providers. Instead, hours were spent dedicated to developing better ways to communicate more effectively.

To alleviate these problems, Align needed to provide their workers with speedy access to any and all available data. They desperately needed a 360-degree view of their customer, with insight into the current sales pipeline, organized by product and geography. 

The Appirio Solution

Instead of resting on their Invisalign laurels, Align was spurred into action — to fix these growing issues before they got out-of-hand. They partnered with Appirio to build a three-year CRM strategy roadmap, designed to re-envision and direct the reimplementation of Align's Salesforce org. This roadmap outlined key focus areas, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Customer Portal — along with integration best practices and recommendations.

Soon after creating this roadmap, Align worked with Appirio to build a global CRM mobile application — so the Appirio Digital Studios team developed a native iPad application, built in Swift. Meanwhile, the Einstein Analytics team (Dave Dixon, Eric Chaffins, and Shaki) created a visualization-rich analytics solution to provide insight into Align’s business data, using Salesforce technology. A dozen complex Salesforce dashboards were built for global users and made available in the mobile app, using the deep linking feature.

Makeover successes

While working on updating Align’s processes, Shaki noted some cosmetic flaws with her smile, and (much like Align) she wanted to make changes. She noticed a gap between her two front top teeth — it happens to many people over years of wear and tear — but was hesitant to use traditional metal braces, because of the social and visual stigmas associated with them. Instead, Shaki started using Invisalign on a structured plan, based on her orthodontist’s recommendations. She sported clear aligners for four months to fix her small gap, and now she has a beautiful, perfect smile.

Like the small cosmetic boost Invisalign provided to Shaki, Appirio’s customized implementation of Einstein and mobile app solutions empowered Align to make smarter business decisions and communicate more easily. 

Now, Align works on a clean and modern platform that also reflects their brand in the marketplace. Their service representatives can use live data to accurately track customer progress, while having more meaningful conversations with providers. Advanced Einstein metrics help sales reps sell more effectively to practitioners.

At Appirio, we have a unique position in the healthcare marketplace. We help mission-based care organizations and institutions innovate quickly, while helping humanize the experience for both practitioners and patients. Check out how we’re helping automate and simplify medical devices and develop order management with our new Lightning Bolt solution.

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