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November 18, 2013 Appirio

Appirio Introduces NewApplication Development and Communities Jumpstart Offerings

Application DevelopmentThis year at Dreamforce, salesforce.com is focusing on a few game-changing themes for businesses: the power of the platform to engage customers and the importance of communities within your business. Appirio recognizes the importance of both themes, announcing two new ways to supercharge your business with the Salesforce Platform and Salesforce Communities.

Appirio Application Development Jumpstart,“Atomize your App”

Have an idea for a cloud or mobile app that could change the way you currently conduct business-as-usual? Don’t know where to start or how to find the right experts to make it a reality? Appirio can help you make your dream business app a reality that embodies the look and feel of your unique brand, all while using the trusted Salesforce Platform–used by more than 100,000+ customers.

Appirio is now offering customers a better, more creative way to take their game changing cloud and mobile app ideas, and use the power of 600,000 developers, designers and data analysts in Appirio’s Topcoder ™ Community to make them a reality for the business in a matter of weeks.

So how do you start? Appirio’s process begins with an initial workshop to help prioritize your app ideas and the requirements needed to get it started. From there, Appirio breaks down the app into discrete components or “atoms” that are sent to our design community, with mockups ready in just a few weeks. The final step is using the “atoms” and mockups to develop the working, high quality application–this can be done by using our developer community directly or Appirio can lead the development.

Appirio Customer & Partner Communities Jumpstart, “Community Connect”

Today customers or partners want access to your organization anytime, anywhere. Not just access, engagement!  Salesforce.com has replaced customer and partner portals with brandable, social communities that combine the features of a traditional portal with Chatter, Salesforce’s social collaboration tool. This provides the foundation for a consumer-grade experience that is vastly more engaging to partners and customers and fosters collaboration. But getting the value from this foundation takes more than just flipping switch.

Appirio is making it easy for companies of all sizes to create partner or customer communities that provides anytime access to organizational information, knowledge, expertise and tools with a superior user experience. We’re combining CRM and strategy expertise, top-notch designers, a unique social technology and unmatched development skills to get you on the path to a truly engaging experience in as little as four weeks.

We start with a two-day workshop that will go over the current state environment, key priorities, and a high level roll-out plan. From there Appirio will work with customers to design the look and feel, overall functionality and the security model. After configuring the community in Salesforce and conducting the proper trainings, the community is ready for deployment.

To learn more about these new offerings and other ways to engage your customers, partners and employees, please check out the following resources:


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