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February 17, 2009 Appirio

Appirio saw enormous success in 2008 with our “connecting the cloud” products– we have 2,500 organizations using our applications, and have created 3 of the top 10 apps on AppExchange. We continue to be excited about the value of connecting the cloud, and continue to expand on that portfolio (e..g, our connectors to Facebook).

In 2009, you’ll see us build on that success with a focused set of applications for use by enterprises looking for solutions to specific business problems. Appirio is now offering a portfolio of 3 enteprise solutions that extend the core capabilities of leading on-demand leading platforms to high-value, outward-facing business processes like marketing, sales, profesisonal services, support, and recruiting.

1. Services Management Services teams in every industry struggle to put the right people on the right projects for successful delivery to internal and external customers. Appirio has created a professional service automation (PSA) Solution to more effectively manage what’s core to every services business: your people, your customers, your projects, and your transactions. This application is built 100% on Force.com to provide key integration to your CRM, and seamless communication between Sales, Services, and Finance, all at a lower TCO than traditional solutions.

Our executive team has managed large services teams at companies like Borland, WebMethods, and NetSuite. We know that traditional PSA applications are monolithic point solutions that are difficult to integrate with the rest of your business. They are hard-coded, difficult to personalize, and not built to work in today’s boundary-less enterprise.

That’s why we used a different approach at Appirio. We built a set of core PSA functionality on Force.com to support the growth of our own services business– that application has supported a four-fold increase in employees over the last 18 months. We now offer that application on the AppExchange, available today as PS Essentials.


Referral Management – Connecting to Facebook’s 150 million users in a way that impacts the bottom line requires that your organization actively engage with the community. But while some organizations have established a basic presence on Facebook, all lack adequate tools to build and maintain these relationships. Appirio brings together Facebook and Salesforce to encourage referrals from employees, customers, and partners for viral marketing and recruiting:


  • Referral Management for Viral Marketing. Encourage your community to refer your offerings to friends in Facebook, manage and measure the effectiveness of word of mouth referrals in Salesforce.
  • Referral Management for Viral Recruiting connects Facebook and Salesforce so you can suggest job referrals to your employees that wouldn’t otherwise have been made. Encourage employees to refer their friends using Facebook, manage and monitor employee referrals in Salesforce.

3. Collaborative Sales & Support – Combine Salesforce and Google to allow your users to share data, documents, and events across your company and your ecosystem. Our solution uses Google dashboards, calendars, and collaborative pages to share business data with non-Salesforce users and enable ad-hoc collaboration between heavy Salesforce users.


To find out more, feel free to contact us at products@appirio.com, or (707) 215-4132.

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