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May 19, 2015 Greg Bohlen

The Salesforce World Tour (SFWT) hits London Excel on May 21st. On the face of it, the event should help you navigate some of the complex problems that organisations are increasingly experiencing. This includes ensuring that the technology landscape is appropriate for the future of work, delivering data and insights through engaging and actionable mechanisms, and making smart use of IT to enable innovation in business process.

But, in the digital age, where people can find a wealth of information on the “Google” box, there will be those wondering why SFWT is relevant. Why trudge to a busy exhibition hall when you can sit and fester in the confines of your own home or office?

Well, no one should underestimate the networking opportunities at these large technology events. Sure, it’s possible to connect with like-minded individuals on social media, but at SFWT you never know who you’ll get chatting to in the long queue for a coffee or something stronger. Sharing CRM pain points, tips and tricks, Apps, product, and partner stories are all part of an enriched conference experience. And the people we talk to outside our own industry and established networks can provide a fresh perspective.

So why visit the Appirio stand?

I could wax lyrical about the fact that Appirio is a unique SI, incubated by Salesforce, which runs its entire business in the cloud. I could stress our delivery credentials enabled by the Appirio Services Platform (a first-of-its-kind suite of applications, pre-built solution accelerators, and access to a 750,000+ member global community of experts.) In addition, I could mention that Appirio is one of Salesforce’s pioneer partners on Wave (Analytics Cloud) and a leading player in Worker Experience, creating powerful employee engagement by fusing CRM and HCM platforms. But I’m sure you could glean most of this fantastic information by navigating our website!

The real reason to visit us at SFWT is to meet our people. Whether you are looking for a new service integrator, or seeking to confirm you’ve made the right choice, May 21st is a great opportunity not only to evaluate potential services but also to assess cultural fit. Selecting an SI has often been compared to a dating game. It’s easy to be seduced by good-looking collateral or a low price, but shallow attraction rapidly disintegrates. A good partner has to be in tune with your organisation’s values and DNA, and has to continue to offer smart ways to solve business problems.

Appirio is where professionalism meets personality and fresh thinking. Innovation and fun are cornerstones of what we do – that’s why you’ll see our booth sport some unique Google Cardboard devices that create a Virtual Reality experience through apps, and of course lots of people looking like idiots whilst they try it. And if that’s not your bag, just drop by and sign up to win an Apple Watch in our prize draw 😉

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