What Appirio + Wipro Means for Our Partners

November 3, 2016 John Gorup

Partnerships have always been at the core of Appirio. Our founders saw what public cloud solutions could do for enterprises and sought to build a new approach to consulting in order to drive this new reality. This mission meant partnering with the best cloud computing companies in the business. Our very first office was in a Salesforce incubator in San Mateo. Since then, we’ve built relationships with Google, Workday, and several other leading cloud companies, and moved our headquarters from one tech hub to another. Appirio’s partnerships — along with our employees and customers — are what make our company special. So of course, when Appirio announced its intent to be acquired, the natural question was: “What does this mean for our Appirio’s partners?”


To answer that question, I spoke with Gary Rinedollar. Gary has been Appirio’s Vice President of Global Alliances for the last 5 years, which is a fancy way of saying he’s in charge of all of Appirio’s Partnerships — current and future. On the subject of Appirio’s relationship with Salesforce, Gary said, “The most obvious things are that we instantly increase the number of Salesforce-certified consultants, grow our global footprint, and gain deep vertical market expertise. But what’s happening with the Wipro acquisition is pretty unique in our industry: it’s partially a reverse integration. This means, the cloud consultants currently within Wipro will be moving under Appirio; Appirio is not being chopped up and disappearing into Wipro.”

Much more than just a Salesforce shop

When it comes to helping Salesforce customers, this is welcome news. Appirio has built tools and a methodology to help get the most out of Salesforce. Appirio’s Cloud Management Center (CMC), for example, is a project management tool built on the Salesforce platform. Each of our customers (not just Salesforce customers) can participate directly in the development and refinement of user stories. They can see the status of a sprint, stories, tasks, and tests in real time. This kind of approach gives our customers more control and visibility over their projects.

Another thing that excites Gary about Appirio’s future partnerships is the newfound ability to dive deeper into solutions that address our customer’s industries. “Appirio has done a great job of increasing our vertical solution offerings. The things we’ve done with retail, nonprofits, and media have been really exciting and well received by both Salesforce and our customers. But we never could have achieved the amount of depth and breadth a global powerhouse like Wipro can when it comes to industry verticals.”

Of course, Appirio is not just a “Salesforce shop.” For instance, for our partner Workday, the combination of Appirio and Wipro will mean 2 things: a stronger, faster global partner, and deeper capabilities in areas like change management and process redesign, which are critical to workforce transformation. Better still, the same applies to partners like Google, Medallia, Cornerstone, ServiceMax, and Amazon.

Looking ahead at current and future partnerships

Appirio coming under Wipro will strengthen and broaden our existing strategic partnerships. Of course, many of the details are being worked out by Gary and his team. “But for our current partners,” Gary continues, “they can rest assured that the same team they’ve always worked with will continue working with them.”

Looking ahead, the future is even brighter. Gary says, “We will now have access to development and delivery centers around the world, more expertise and assets in key verticals and areas like security, QA, and digital, as well as a broad customer base that includes most of the top pharmaceutical, biotech, financial institutions, manufacturers, and media companies in the world.” Appirio looks forward to growing new partnerships, and deepening the ones we currently have.

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