What Higher Education Should Know about Salesforce

May 2, 2016 Jiordan Castle


CRM has extended beyond the boardroom and arrived in the classroom (so to speak). Students take on a number of roles in the realm of higher education; they move from prospective candidate to student and then, ultimately, to alumnus/alumna. For universities, this marks 3 radically different phases of interaction: recruiting, retaining, and engaging, respectively.

Salesforce, the same customer success platform you know and love, has made its way to the higher education market over the last few years. Salesforce is known for many things, not least of which are its abilities — to support a wide variety of institutional types, enable rapid implementation, and deliver functionality to facilitate institution-wide CRM deployments. Their tools and technology can improve the student experience from start to finish.

Salesforce focuses on the following areas in higher education:

  • Targeted recruiting
  • Targeted marketing: academia edition! Target the right students, increase yield, and boost recruiter productivity and performance.

  • Helping students succeed
  • Knowledge is power; having a 360-degree view of your students means you’re more able to support them when and where they need it. Get streamlined access to student information, with visibility into every student touchpoint for smarter, more consistent engagement.

  • Building relationships
  • Engagement doesn’t end at graduation. Build long-term relationships with alumni and optimize the lifetime value of those connections.

  • Personalized experiences
  • No 2 students are alike. Salesforce helps you curate personalized content, so you can deliver a truly 1:1 experience for students.

  • Community engagement
  • Take that 1:1 student experience to the next level. Break down traditional silos by enabling campus collaboration and fostering a greater sense of community in the process.

Appirio + Salesforce = a win for higher education

We partner with Salesforce to fuel your college or university’s end-to-end experiences, such as:

  • Application experience: Every interaction between potential students and your institution — all the way up to the point of arrival.
  • Campus experience: All of the non-academic components that make up the student experience, including off-campus activities (if a campus does indeed exist).
  • Academic experience: On the academic side… students’ interactions with your institution regarding their studies.
  • Graduate experience: A critical part of maintaining a long-term relationship with a student following graduation; your institution’s role in helping students transition from school to employment.

Contact us to find out more about Salesforce’s role in transforming the student experience, and how we can help you champion change and develop a stronger relationship with your prospective students, current students, and alumni population going forward.

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