What Kind of Salesforce CoE is the Right Fit for Your Org?

July 5, 2016 Jiordan Castle

Salesforce CoE

There’s no perfect way to get a Salesforce CoE started in your organization, and there is no set time frame for how long it should take to get it going or how fast it should grow. But with guidance and a dedicated group of people who believe in the value of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, you can grow your Salesforce CoE into a well-oiled and innovative machine.

There are different ways to organize your Salesforce CoE, so it’s important to find the model that fits best with your organization and aligns with your goals. Here we have 3 common models, along with their pros and cons.

Centralized model

This model uses a single point of governance, a single set of processes, and is focused on a single business unit.


Pros: The centralized model makes efficient use of resources and, with a single focus, creates stronger accountability.

Cons: One downfall of focusing on a single business unit is that it has a tendency to create siloes, and can be more bureaucratic than other models.

Decentralized model

The decentralized model features a federated governance and focuses on multiple business units.


Pros: Organizations that use this model tend to experience more agility than those that use a centralized model, while still seeing strong accountability.

Cons: This model has poorer resource efficiency compared to the centralized model.

Hybrid model

This model covers multiple business units and focuses on the organization as a whole with common governance rules.


Pros: This model lends to the highest resource efficiency and has the most transparent structure of all 3 models.

Cons: Organizations that use this model will see less agility and may experience conflicting goals and expectations among members.

Roles, responsibilities, and Cloud Management

How you structure your CoE depends on the unique needs of your organization, but there are some key roles you can implement when getting started and should tweak as needed (as your CoE grows and more specific responsibilities are established). We’ll tell you what it takes to get your Salesforce CoE up and running, how to manage and improve it, and even how to reduce the burden on internal teams with Cloud Management — all in our ebook…


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