What Nonprofits Should Know about Salesforce

October 29, 2015 Jiordan Castle

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An individual can engage with a nonprofit in a number of ways: as a donor, a volunteer, a board member, or an event organizer (to name just a few). And of course, constituent relationships change over time. What starts as an advocacy action can turn into much more with the right approach and cultivation.

Nonprofits understand the value of every constituent interaction; under constant pressure to lower operating costs while building constituent loyalty, Nonprofits can’t afford to miss an opportunity to deepen relationships. But in today’s constantly shifting, competitive landscape — in which new ways of supporting and communicating with nonprofits crop up nearly every day — keeping up with constituent expectations is more difficult (and more crucial) than ever.

Salesforce Solutions through Appirio Nonprofit

Enter Appirio Nonprofit, which combines expertise in strategy, software, services, and business process all in order to help nonprofits succeed with the Salesforce platform — through Marketing Cloud, Wave Analytics, Sales Cloud, and more. Appirio Nonprofit for Fundraising and Donor Management partners with nonprofits to:

  • Enable a 360° view of constituents and engage consistently with constituents across channels.
  • Simplify the management of donations and planned giving.
  • Streamline multi-channel financial processes across third-party financial processors, banks, and internal systems.
  • Improve analytics capabilities, allowing for timely and robust impact reporting.
  • Create mobile experiences for constituents to engage anytime, anywhere.
  • Offer self-service profiles in which donors can indicate their interests, view their interaction history, and note their preferred methods of engagement.

Similarly, Appirio Nonprofit for Grants and Program Management provides organizations with a single, holistic system for:

  • Managing grant applications, awards, and forecasting.
  • Collecting, utilizing, and aggregating data for ongoing program management.
  • Generating accurate, timely, and insightful metrics for donor impact reporting and informing program design.

Success with Salesforce: Sierra Club

Sierra Club has worked for over 100 years to build a network of over 2 million members and supporters. But as a result of a complex user experience and a lack of coordination among local and national chapters, they were missing opportunities for deeper constituent engagement.

Appirio helped jumpstart their engagement by creating a systems blueprint to help Sierra Club understand how to centralize their multiple homegrown systems into one system on NGO Connect and Salesforce Sales Cloud. Appirio even facilitated the implementation of other critical solutions, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud for email marketing and KnowWho for advocacy. This new system provides a true 360° view of constituents, enabling Sierra Club to design tailored experiences based on a constituent’s previous actions, location, and interests. And for supporters, the experience is simpler and easier, facilitating deeper interactions and more donations.

Success with Salesforce: Year Up

Year Up — an organization that places low-income young adults in a one-year skills, education, and internship program — was looking to better demonstrate the impact of their programs to donors and constituents. By utilizing Salesforce Wave Analytics, Appirio created easy-to-use dashboards that enable Year Up to access rich program and impact data. They can now easily see how their programs affect students’ income, as well as which internship partners have been the most successful. They can even assess which students are most at risk based on demographic indicators. With this kind of detailed data at their fingertips, Year Up can better communicate their impact to donors and improve their program delivery at the same time.

To find out 3 core ways that nonprofits can create exceptional constituent experiences, learn next steps for your nonprofit, and explore other success stories, read our ebook, Creating Exceptional Constituent Experiences.


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