What’s Different About Appirio’s Google Apps Bootcamp?

September 23, 2008 Appirio

Its one week before Appirio’s free Google Apps Bootcamp, a little experiment we’re doing with our partners at Google to hone in on the most effective way to get companies up and running on Google Apps.

Why are we calling an event over breakfast at the W a “bootcamp”? Mostly to distinguish it from the vendor-sponsored events that we’ve all been to, and all think are a waste of time.
Here’s what’s going to be different:

Traditional marketing event Appirio’s Bootcamp Approach
1 day event: You come, have some bad coffee, listen to the presentations, go home– end of event. Ongoing experience: You’re experience will start right after registration when we invite you to the Bootcamp wiki (powered by Google Sites, of course). And your experience will continue on the wiki afterwards as you continue to engage in the community and content.
Goal is a big sales: Wear your budget on your sleeve, because that’s how you’re going to get the attention of the vendors and get your questions answered Goal is a pilot: It may sound corny, but we really do think that Google Apps sells itself once an organization starts using it. So our goal is for you to take that first step: pick a part of the portfolio and a part of your organization to get started
Meant to woo buyers: Wear your title on your sleeve, because if you can’t sign a PO, you wont get much attention. Meant to build advocates: Google Apps makes its way into the enterprise from multiple angles– our goal is to turn people who are interested in this technology into advocates who are empowered to make Google Apps a reality in their organization, regardless of their title.
Presentation of features: Long presentations by product marketing teams eager to differentiate their new offering from what they showed you last year. Experience of the offering: You’ll be using Google Apps directly throughout the event, and hearing the good AND the bad of real world deployments directly from customers.
Eyes on blackberry: Show up, tune out, and eying your blackberry. No reason to stay engaged. Hands on keyboard: We can’t achieve the above if you’re sitting back in your seat. So you’ll be expected to bring your laptop, get on the wireless, and participate. Google Apps will be powering our entire event, so participation equals education.

Will it work? We’re not sure– but we invite you to come and join the experience. If you’ll be in San Francisco on the morning of October 1, join us for breakfast at the W and participate in our “bootcamp” for Google Apps… a non-traditional approach to build advocates for a non-traditional offering.

Reserve your spot now for this free event

Date: October 1, 2008
W Hotel (map)
8:30am – 11:00am

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