What We Love About Salesforce Lightning App Builder

October 18, 2017 Rachel Illingworth

Lightning has struck, and we’ll never be the same. Salesforce offers up a transformative, intuitive, and clean CRM — Salesforce Lightning.  It’s like CRM in sleek mode. The move from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience (LEX) brings many new assets and benefits. So much so that we expect Lightning will quickly take a strong foothold in the Salesforce atmosphere.

LEX is the future of Salesforce, so get a jumpstart on creating the applications that run on Lightning and find app development relief with the Salesforce Lightning App Builder.

Put simply, it’s an app-building tool that provides a unique Lightning approach.

Lightning component framework

Instead of wasting time typing code from scratch into the App Builder, you’re handed the convenience of a “code-free” tool. The Builder offers a drag-and-drop User Interface (UI) and an entire library of pre-built Lightning components. No coding needed to access and use the library of Lightning components inside the Builder.

Lightning components are reusable, developer-built application parts in one neat package. The open-source Aura framework within the AppBuilder supports partitioned multi-tier component development. This means you can build apps that are independent of your data in Salesforce. These apps auto-connect with Salesforce and Force.com platforms, simplifying the developer’s job.

LEX apps are modular, so Lightning components work separately and collectively. (Even your custom-built components!) And any app you build in the App Builder can work seamlessly across channels and verticals — even on mobile.

Lightning App builder improves Worker Experience

Lightning-run apps advance richer, more integrated experiences for both workers and customers alike. Empowering workers with modern tools (like Lightning App Builder) increases productivity, leveraging a strengthened Worker Experience (WX). So running on Lightning fuels WX, which feeds and strengthens the Customer Experience (CX) — we call this complementary relationship the Virtuous Cycle.

Because it’s so simple to use (i.e., no coding needed), Lightning App Builder can be used by Salesforce admins and business analysts — proof positive that anyone can use the App Builder to build apps for any industry. You’ll create off-the-shelf Lightning Bolts, and develop unique solutions to pinpointed issues.

Plus, any apps you create will be up-to-date and ready to scale (because the Lightning App Builder also runs on the Salesforce1 platform).

Lightning Bolt (apps)!

Build your own Lightning-force applications, or Lightning Bolts. A Lightning Bolt is way to speed up your Salesforce experience. It’s a mechanism to package and deliver a custom-branded experience. Bolts include themes, business logic, Lightning components, and Community Cloud templates. And they’re now available in the Salesforce AppExchange.

Get a better understanding of the Lightning platform with “Transform Your Worker And Customer Experience With Salesforce Lightning”. And if you’re further along your Lightning journey, let us discuss and help you build your unique LEX strategy.

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