What Will Salesforce Highlight at Dreamforce?

September 8, 2016 Jiordan Castle

Dreamforce is fast approaching and we all want to know what to watch for in October. Who knows what’s going on in the Salesforce ecosystem better than Salesforce MVPs? That’s why I’ve enlisted a couple of Appirio’s own Salesforce MVPs to give us their take on what we can expect at Dreamforce 2016 and beyond.

JK Jarrod Kingston is a Solution Architect at Appirio, working with clients to figure out where they are with technology deployments and where they need to be. He is a Salesforce MVP, with 5 Salesforce certifications and 6+ years of experience in the support, training, and advancement of Salesforce. Jarrod lives in Kansas City, home of the 2016 World Champion Royals.


 MMMike Martin is a Client Partner and has been with Appirio for 5 years. He has been in the Salesforce space since 2008 as a Business Analyst, Consultant, and Architect. Mike has 6 Salesforce certifications, has completed the Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud Brown Belt Accreditation, and is a Salesforce MVP. He lives and works in Indianapolis, and is a founding member of the Appirio Indianapolis office.

Mike Martin: As with any season, there are lots of new things happening in the Salesforce ecosystem! It always seems especially busy as we prepare for Dreamforce, as well as for the Winter ‘17 release. Many of you are already using Winter ‘17 Sandbox Previews to test some of the great new functionality coming to the entire platform, and specifically to Salesforce Lightning (LEX)!

The Salesforce Dev and Documentation team has been busy updating and creating great new content for Trailhead. If you missed the hubbub a while back, Superbadges are now available to help users apply their learning from Trailhead to gain experience and a skill-based credential for hot Salesforce topics like LEX, security, Apex, and reports and dashboards. One of my favorite new trails is the Drucker School MA Essentials, which focuses on business challenges. If you haven’t yet, be sure to get ready for Dreamforce!

I’m also excited to see what will be new and exciting at Dreamforce. Personally, I will be looking for more info about LEX, IoT, and what Salesforce will be doing with some recent artificial intelligence (AI) acquisitions (which will likely roll out as Salesforce Einstein).

Jarrod Kingston: With Dreamforce just around the bend, Salesforce is gearing up for plenty of new stuff. Some of the things I’m personally excited about are:

  1. Salesforce LEX improvements. I’m sure by now we’ve all played around in LEX, but haven’t been able to make the leap. The gap is closing quickly though, and I think we’ll see much of it closed up with the Winter ‘17 release, as Mike mentioned. I’m excited to see LEX become more adopted and used as these new features are added.
  2. Salesforce Einstein. With Salesforce’s functionality and information growing, it becomes increasingly difficult for a user to keep track of all the information available. AI could serve up necessary information and help guide user behavior. I think about when I first started using Chatter as compared to now, where I follow so many records and people that it’s challenging to know what’s actionable. AI also makes IoT a more realistic business use case, and who doesn’t want more IoT?
  3. Trailhead. if you’re not using Trailhead, you need to be. The Trailhead team is an amazing group of individuals. (I say that because I know several of them and it’s true!) They are putting out new trails at an incredible rate. As Mike mentioned, they’re even doing some non-Salesforce ones, like MA essentials — not to mention the modules on each release to help you prepare for the main features coming down the pipe!
  4. Salesforce CPQ (formerly SteelBrick). I recently saw a demo of the latest Salesforce CPQ and I’m loving what I see. Folks, we’re looking at one of the fastest integrations into the core product that we’ve ever seen; native robust quoting and clean UI… what more can you ask for? I’m really excited to see what Dreamforce has to say about it.

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