Why AI Shouldn’t Replace Human Marketers

November 28, 2017 Derek Heim


Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) dominates the world of quantum computing, technology, and even recreational services, it has yet to fully integrate into the world of communications, marketing, and public relations. Although there have been multiple efforts to connect the more human-based industries —  like social work, communications, and education — with AI, there is one thing that remains dissonant — AI lacks empathy.

According to the International Business Times, humans have the ability to awe, inspire, and rationalize. This is something that is currently lost in the world of AI. Although it can compute very complex calculations, it struggles to grasp basic human characteristics like sarcasm, love, or passion.

AI will not replace workers, but rather, it will empower users to focus on customer success in ways they could never do before.

When done right, utilizing AI makes humans the center of attention, as talked about by Forbes. This article also points out that the future of marketing is all too human, because it suggests that AI is used to collect big data. Data is then interpreted by humans to formulate a strategic report that reveals audience trends, and suggested tactics. AI gives marketing professionals the paint and paintbrushes, but humans are behind the creative genius.


Robots process, algorithms discover, but humans connect. This ability to create meaningful, empathetic relationships is what makes us human. Marketers can utilize AI to help form these relationships by running experimental campaigns, filtering through vast amounts of data, and developing suggested content.

Ultimately, a human needs to make the call about what will resonate with people, and what won’t. A strong marketer knows what their audience wants (sometimes before they even know themselves).

Even though it is doing wonders in so many industries, AI has hit a roadblock with marketing. Although it contributes to communication and automation efforts, AI is still unable to grasp the concepts that make us human.

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