Why Google for Work is Great for Millennials

September 12, 2016 Appirio

By Erin Lively

Some say that the inability to expertly use a computer shows your age… but as a millennial, I’ve successfully contradicted this theory. The first time I encountered Microsoft Outlook, I finally understood how it felt to sit at a computer feeling completely incompetent. I switched from my usual role as the impatient instructor — guiding with a simple “Okay, now click here…” and sequential steps — to befuddled student.

Like many of my millennial and digital native cohorts, I pride myself on the ability to navigate nearly any digital offering without assistance; no new app or platform ever presented a problem. But once I entered the workforce, I realized I was spoiled by the intuitiveness and feasibility of the Google tools I used as a student. Since their introduction, Google for Work’s offerings — Gmail, Hangouts, Drive, and Docs — have become ingrained in both the educational and personal lives of many millennials; they’re second nature to much of my generation.


The adoption of a suite of tools born and bred in the cloud is often championed by millennials but resisted by older generations. Many senior executives favor the familiarity of Microsoft Office over the ingenuity of Google for Work. But as millennials become the majority in today’s workforce, companies need to shift this mindset to better accommodate the working style of their employees. Transitioning to Google for Work will not, however, alienate older generations. The benefits millennials get from these cloud-based tools will improve the Worker Experience for all employees. Here are a couple of reasons why:

Google for Work provides unmatched efficiency

Word 2016 falls short in its attempt to mimic the file sharing and real-time collaboration features of Google Docs. Google Docs allows users to chat within a document, simultaneously edit the same section, and view other’s changes in real time — capabilities Word Online simply doesn’t offer. Users can effortlessly share and view all documents in the easily accessible Google Drive. While these benefits may sound small, together they enable a hassle- and stress-free Worker Experience. Google tools allow employees to do more at once (in one place) — all while reducing redundancies by helping colleagues interact live in a single file.

Google for Work suits both the working style and lifestyle of millennials

Google for Work allows employees to work anytime, anywhere with ease. While Word 2016 file collaboration is only supported by PCs with Word 2016 installed, all Google for Work tools can be accessed from any device — including smartphones and tablets. Similarly, Google Hangouts allows workers to have video and chat conversations no matter their location and Google Calendar offers a streamlined calendaring experience. These capabilities gives millennials the autonomy and freedom they want in their work, while allowing all employees to easily work remotely.

All workers, no matter the generation, will be more productive and engaged with Google for Work’s intuitive and user-friendly tools.


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