Why I’m Thankful to be an Appirian

November 21, 2018 Aaron Nichols

Turkey, comfy clothes, football; if you celebrate Thanksgiving, you probably have your own holiday traditions. 

But what’s the big tradition we have in common on Turkey Day? 

Acknowledging the things we’re thankful for in our lives.
Most of us think of ‘giving thanks’ as just another holiday saying, but science shows that it’s much more than that…

The surprising benefits of giving thanks. 
In a Harvard Medical School study, a group of participants was asked to consistently write down the things they were thankful for; the results? Increased happiness course over the courses of several weeks. 

Inspired by these findings, we challenged Appirians to think about the things they are grateful for at their company. And the ways they’re putting that gratitude into action.  

The following are some common themes in their responses: 


Glenn Weinstein, CIO & Co-Founder




I'm thankful for the ability to make an impact on how organizations of all kinds perceive and use technology. Before Appirio came onto the scene, the standard mindset was to buy servers and install software.  Today, nearly all new organizations, including many long-standing companies and agencies have adopted ‘cloud-first’ thinking, which has profoundly improved workplace productivity and employee satisfaction.

We at Appirio are cloud-first evangelists because this mindset makes  IT is easier and helps an organization better achieve its mission - no matter what that mission is.  It's satisfying to know you've helped use technology to make organizations smarter. 

When a company has a well-defined mission, like Appirio's, the people you recruit and hire share a common sense of purpose. I'm glad we developed a clear mission early on and got so many talented people to join us. 

All Appirians can put gratitude into action by remembering their purpose as they continue to help our customers discover new ways of working. We have to do more than just hear our customers; we have to actively listen and use what we learn from them to design actionable solutions.

Nora Al-Qadi, Thrive Engineering Manager 





The first words that come to mind are -  the people. At Appirio, I’m lucky to be surrounded by the perfect blend of individuals - smart, yet funny; inspirational, yet trustworthy; motivated, yet friendly. I’m in a state of constant awe when I look around and realize that the people I get to work with every day are also some of my closest friends outside the office.

Aside from the people, the emphasis on a work-life balance makes me thankful to be here. At Appirio, individuals are seen as more than just employees; but also as mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters - most importantly, as humans. I’m thankful to work for a company that prioritizes the work-life balance and recognizes me as more than number or name in a spreadsheet. 

Being a manager has taught me that everyone shows gratitude in their own way. While mindfulness and appreciation are keys to a positive and productive workplace, not everyone displays or receives gratitude in the same way.

I choose to show my gratitude through action - whether that’s helping others, shouting out employee achievements on Salesforce, or taking the team on a much-needed Starbucks run. 

Treh Dickerson, Workday Associate Consultant





I’ve found plenty of things to be grateful for in my first two months at Appirio; the atmosphere, the bagels, the color light blue, the celebrations, classes, the diversity, having three elevators, the flexibility, the frequent guests, the Guinness, the helpdesk, the internet--in fact, I came up with something I’m grateful for that corresponds to every letter of the alphabet. If space warranted, I could list it all here now, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll skip to W; the windows.

If I wait long enough in a day I’m bound to see someone walk to a window, coffee in hand, headset on, and look at Indianapolis. The transparency of the place and the people is what I’m most grateful for at Appirio. From Day 1, I was impressed by the level of honesty and the quality of the work people produced. I continue to value the one-on-one connections, the culture of collaboration, and the genuine confidence of people who know what they’re doing. It’s inspired me to respond with the same openness I’ve seen modeled by project leads - for that I am thankful.

Dive deeper into gratitude: 
Watch this classic TED talk about happiness and work productivity. Then, write down three things you’re thankful for over the next  21 days. See how it will rewire your brain toward more optimistic thinking!

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