Why Limit Workers to Internal-Only Resources?

May 17, 2018 Rachel Koeling

This spring, I started playing an exploratory video game, called No Man’s Sky. And in this pixelated world, you’re given the ability to drive your starship to different planets, meet aliens, mine rocks and minerals, and collect data for research. But after playing for a bit, I found that mining for Frost Crystals was impossible. These minerals, in the form of deep purple flowers, required special hazmat gloves to handle mining for them. I researched online, discovering that I must first “find a hazmat blueprint” before I could build the elusive hazmat gloves. Yet ... there’s no direction as to where I might find this particular blueprint. So I’m left frustrated, because those coveted Frost Crystals remain out-of-reach, and there are no other resources to fall back on. 

This situation — and my disappointment —  might sound familiar if you replace “Frost Crystals” with a special project or promotion, and “hazmat gloves” with the set of particular skills that workers need to get that new opportunity. Instead of putting up roadblocks, can we think of easier ways to give our workers access to all forms of learning and development (L&D) opportunities?

Where are your resources?

A good employer-employee relationship should be mutually beneficial. And for employers to give their workers a remarkable WX, they must tap into worker’s passions and provide both internal and external L&D opportunities. Gallup proves our point with their report that 59 percent of millennials applying for work consider the most attractive job perk to be growth opportunities — not free snacks or onsite yoga classes.

And even though there’s no shortage of workers chasing after company-provided benefits, businesses should still be considerate of their workers’ full workloads when strategizing classes and opportunities. 

Try to make sure they’re offered at convenient times and relaxed enough to welcome all employees. Though some workers are content with their current position and do not benefit from further training and education, still encourage and promote workers to grow in other ways. There are plenty of methods to encourage learning in the workplace, including training sessions, seminars, guest speakers, team building exercises, videos, podcasts, and written materials. 

And it doesn’t have to be contained within the organization’s walls either. Many top organizations offer educational scholarships, grants, and partnerships with local area colleges — so it’s important that that information is disseminated amongst workers, so they can take advantage of all options available.

Technology can help with that

Sometimes we fail to see what’s under our very noses, and that carries over to the way we utilize the technology at our fingertips. Use Workday Planning — give yourself more time to review, analyze, and incorporate the right technology to give workers an access point for training materials and development opportunities. 

Consider offering a streamlined user interface that provides one-stop-shop access to internal and external resources. Cornerstone is a worker training platform that caters learning to each employee’s unique needs, and empowers employees to take their L&D into their own hands. Workday and Salesforce Communities offer interactive trainings, videos, and virtual sessions that make learning engaging and intuitive for both employees and employers. By creating a collaborative learning environment, employees engage with these developmental options and gain the needed skills to excel in their jobs. 

Find out more about how you can encourage a more agile workforce, in our ebook “Advancing an Agile Worker Experience”. And learn more about the Worker and Customer Experiences and the Virtuous Cycle in the Appirio Hub.


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