Why Scale is the Most Important Element of Any Crowdsourcing Solution

July 9, 2015 Clinton Bonner

crowdsourcing solution

Crowdsourcing is a powerful way for businesses to get more done faster than ever before. Some solutions powered by crowdsourcing focus on bottom-line efficiencies that enable an enterprise to do something they already do, but achieve better results — faster and at a lower cost — through the use of crowds. Other crowdsourcing solutions help organizations create and execute on top-line, revenue-generating products that bring new user experiences to market.

The imaginative use of crowds is impressive, and not a week goes by without some new offering or application — powered by crowdsourcing or under the wider umbrella described as the collaborative economy — is launched. So, how can you keep up and understand the growing spectrum of crowd-based offerings?

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We suggest you ask these 2 fundamental questions:

  • Is this solution scalable with my enterprise?

Of course you want to know whether a crowdsourcing solution can scale with your enterprise. Any crowdsourced offering needs to be able to meet crucial standards — something your team can on-board, begin using, and scale rapidly. It’s a test that must be passed.

  • How does this solution provide my enterprise with new, unique scale?

Just as Airbnb and Uber have provided tremendous scale (and benefit) for consumers, a crowdsourcing solution you choose needs to provide your organization with some previously non-attainable scale. At its core, your solution must provide you new, reproducible scale.

In a recent study on Exponential Organizations, Appirio’s crowdsourcing community, Topcoder, was named the 29th most scalable business in the entire world. The ExO 100 was released in early April and solely focused on organizations that achieve scale in innovative ways. Some companies on the ExO 100, such as the aforementioned Airbnb (ranked #2) provide scale direct to consumers, while others — like Tongal and Appirio (through our Topcoder community) — provide scale to our enterprise clients.

Ready for more information and understanding? We invite you to register for this free webinar: Crowdsourcing at Scale, hosted by Appirio and CrowdReason. Our co-host CrowdReason helps businesses achieve operational efficiency by assisting with the conversion of jobs normally completed by specialists into simple micro-tasks capable of being completed by a trusted community, sending these tasks through a proprietary workflow engine, and reassembling them into customized deliverables. This approach optimizes work for accuracy, speed to completion, cost, and quality. The webinar will:

  • Canvass the growing spectrum of crowdsourcing uses for the enterprise
  • Discuss in greater detail the elements that enable enterprises to scale crowdsourcing
  • Present use cases in which enterprises effectively saved or made millions of dollars through the inventive use of crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing can help you and your enterprise get more done. Learn why scale matters most and dive deeper into enterprise use cases that will help educate you and your team on the power of the crowd.

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