Wipro & Appirio – Better Corporate Cultures Together

October 20, 2016 Glenn Weinstein

We started Appirio 10 years ago to accelerate the adoption of public cloud in the enterprise.  As a computer scientist, I believed strongly in the idea that the vendor of a software application should be responsible not just for writing the app, but for running it, too.  I became convinced that this notion, along with the concept of multi-tenant architecture, would lead to a 3rd wave of enterprise IT revolution (following the mainframe and client-server eras).

I bet my career, and my family’s livelihood, on this idea.  I, along with three co-founders, left our jobs to create Appirio.  We set out to build a company based on this technology bet; we also set out to build the kind of company we’d all want to work for.  We chose the name Appirio – from the Latin word “aperio” – to signify that we would be open with employees, and we’d be clear in communications with our customers. We established Trust, Professionalism, and Gray Matter as our hiring criteria, and Customers, Team, and Fun as our core values.


Ten years later, it’s proving to be a smart bet.  Cloud is becoming the de facto choice for most new software implementations.  And Appirio has grown into a company we’re all extremely proud of. That said, I’m convinced that joining forces with Wipro gives us a better chance to achieve our founding vision. 

They also have proven to be a solid match for Appirio’s corporate culture.  The “Spirit of Wipro” defines their core values as Intensity to Win, Act with Sensitivity, and Unyielding Integrity. For me, the last of these is probably the most important. The technology business is very competitive, and marketing hype can get the best of us sometimes.  But the “honor concept” I learned at the U.S. Naval Academy, and saw in practice in the Navy, has shaped my business relationships, and I am gratified to see the same sentiment embodied in Wipro’s values statement.

Both companies also share a dedication to corporate philanthropy, embodied by Appirio Silver Lining and Wipro Cares, as well as the Azim Premji Foundation and Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives, launched by Wipro’s chairman. Joining forces will provide more reach for our employees’ desire to improve their communities and the world.

Furthermore, Wipro clearly shares Appirio’s emphasis on continuous employee growth.  They have an incredible breadth of learning and development programs that build technology skills and teach practical leadership.  These new resources will strengthen our Appirio Academy immensely.

Finally, both Appirio and Wipro have identified diversity and inclusion as critical for future growth. Both companies have made good progress in recent years, and have much more to accomplish in these areas.

As a co-founder, I remind myself often about the reasons we started our company.  Those reasons still ring true to me.  I believe in the public cloud more than ever, and truly believe it makes organizations more efficient, and better able to serve customers and workers.  Joining Appirio and Wipro together helps us collectively achieve the vision of cloud-based IT transformation at global scale.  I have faith in our shared culture, and am convinced that our combination is the best path forward.

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