YP Turns to Appirio and Salesforce for Unified Customer Management

June 17, 2015 Nicole Klemp

sales_cloud_unified_customer_managementGone are the days of flipping through that giant yellow book on the kitchen counter to find the number for your favorite pizza joint. Now, we reach into our pockets for one device and find our closest location, redeem a coupon, and have that pie delivered to our door without ever talking to another human being.

With the declining use of paper-based directories, Yellow Pages turned their focus to connecting people with local businesses via web and mobile. After undergoing a smart and shiny rebrand, the company — now known simply as YPis thriving in the digital space, with 70 million people using the YP app or visiting YP.com each month. Seventy-seven percent of those users contact a merchant they found within a YP search — proof of their ability to deliver on the promise to “help local businesses and communities grow.”

Facing gaps in customer service

Even as a multi-billion dollar business that boasts the largest local ad platform in the U.S., YP’s evolving business encountered some growing pains. YP’s service to their customer base of advertisers had begun to suffer, largely due to a breakdown in communication. With two different legacy systems for case management, employees were entering customer data in different places and not always seeing the complete picture when it came to customer interactions. A large percentage of the calls coming into customer service were repeat calls — advertisers who had already contacted YP before, but with no solution to their problem.

Technology + people + process

YP turned to Appirio for a solution that would help them create a centralized hub for all customer service, fulfillment, and sales. They were looking for one system in which recent conversations, last engagements, and payment information could all be housed, to ensure that employees had a complete view of every customer at every touchpoint.

Through their partnership with Appirio and the implementation of unified customer management with Salesforce Service Cloud, YP saw nearly immediate results in their customer service metrics. In the first week, they closed 70 percent of open cases the same day, and 80 percent of those cases were closed within 2 hours. Now, when YP employees are speaking with customers, they have a comprehensive view of the account. With the help of functions like Chatter and the customer scorecard, onboarding has become simpler, and customer retention rates have improved.

“The real transformation that we’ve experienced with Salesforce and Appirio is bringing technology, people, and process together,” said Mark Ploof, Chief Customer Experience Officer for YP. Thanks to a comprehensive partnership with Appirio, and a customer management solution that meets their needs, YP is now creating a more seamless experience for their users, advertisers, and employees.


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