Editors’ Picks: Our Top 10 Blog Posts from 2019

December 31, 2019 Nicole Sholly

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Hear that sound? No, it’s not corks popping. It’s us, sighing with contentment as we sit back, prop up our feet, and ruminate on what a great year 2019 has been. Okay, maybe some corks have been popped, too. 

I'm kidding, of course. Who has time to put their feet up? But we have been reflecting on 2019 and got excited thinking about some of the great blog posts we shared throughout the year.  

Here are 10 of our favorites (with a few extras at the end) and why we thought you might want to take a look, you know, ICYMI the first time. 

1. Developing a Communication Plan to Support Distance Education Students 

The challenges of higher ed aren’t confined to campus 

A practical look at the unique challenges higher-ed faculty and staff face when engaging with students not on campus.  

2. What Is MuleSoft? A Simplified Look at the Much-Hyped Integration Platform 

MuleSoft blew up Dreamforce, but we’ve been talking about it all year 

Since Dreamforce, you’ve probably been to several meetings and maybe even a cocktail party or two where MuleSoft was talked about. If you aren’t sure what it is or why you should care about it, this post can help. It's a nice overview of what MuleSoft is and how it can help with integration. 

3. Simplify Sending Email to Non-Contacts with renderStoredEmail Template 

For your inner techophile 

This post isn’t super technical, but it’s in-depth. If you need hands-on guidance for using EmailMessage to send emails via Apex (a programming language compatible with Salesforce), then this post is for you! 

4. Inaugural Meet-Up in Guadalajara, MX, a Salesforce User Group Success 

Because we don’t just wait for Dreamforce to meet up and learn stuff 

Did you know the Guadalajara User Group is Mexico’s sixth Trailblazer community? Appirio hosted their first ever meet-up over the summer. 

5. Improving the Patient Experience: 5 Challenges Facing Healthcare Today 

Patients want—and deserve—seamless end-user experiences 

Strict regulations, antiquated systems, and employees not having the right tools are just a few hurdles healthcare providers must address in order to give patients proper care and seamless experiences. This post overviews the five main challenges, along with practical solutions for overcoming them. 

6. How Paperless Patient Onboarding Made Me a Repeat Customer 

A real-life story of tech delivering an excellent end-user experience 

Appirio’s Marketing Content Manager Lia Parisyan details how a digital onboarding experience makes all the difference when a three-year-old wakes up with a high temperature. 

7. 5 Things Successful Salesforce Customers Do After Implementation 

Implementation doesn't actually stop with implementation 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again (no doubt): After implementation, there’s much work to be done. Check out this post, which offers practical tips on making the most of your Salesforce implementation. 

8. The Experience Gap: What It Is, and How to Avoid Falling into It 

Meet Appirio’s four-pillar approach to driving long-term value 

Not just a shameless plug—really!—this post looks at what happens when you focus too much attention on implementation (we said we’d say it again) and not enough on end-user adoption and operations. (Spoiler alert: It’s harder to achieve financial success with your implementation.) 

9. Putting People First: Designing System Solutions for Humans 

Technology by the people must always be for the people 

Keeping the end-user front of mind is necessary to succeeding, but often we don't give enough thought to end users or that they’re humans, not machines. We are only human after all. Designing systems around how people use technology can increase user adoption, reduce costs, and provide other benefits. 

10. The Growing Significance of DevOps in Salesforce 

Recapping the role of DevOps 

Dreamforce 2019 was amazing for so many reasons. Here, Appirio’s Director of DevOps Roarke Lynch gives insights on the importance of DevOps and what it means to Salesforce development. 

Honorable mentions

In Honor of National Dog Day: Meet the Dogs of Appirio 

For fans of great company culture 

Yes, this is a post about Appirio employees and their dogs. Everyone loves dogs. Everyone also loves a company that cares about their people’s personal lives. 

Appirio’s MuleSoft Training Sessions Broaden Company’s Integration Expertise 

Building skill sets to better serve clients 

At Appirio, we’re passionate about serving our clients. What better way to do that than ensuring our consultants have the skill sets necessary to deliver excellent experiences to our clients? 

We hope one or two of these will provide you with food for thought, new ideas, or just a couple minutes of enjoyable reading.  

If you’re having a particularly harried end of year, we recommend that you at least check out those dog pics! 

And remember, if you want to learn more about how we take a four-pillar approach to driving long-term value for our clients, reach out today and let’s chat

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