Selling with One Voice: The Dreamforce Sales Keynote Recap

December 9, 2019 Michael Brumitt

Insight Selling

Today, brands succeed and fail based on the customer experience they deliver. Although no one said that explicitly at Dreamforce this year, it’s understood that when a brand provides personalized, engaging experiences across multiple channels, it will have an opportunity to build long-lasting connections with their customers. 

In the past, business success could be attained by selling a quality product that met customer needs. In what’s now considered the fourth Industrial Revolution, that product-focused approach will leave you in the wake of your competitors. Today making a sale hinges not just on offering a great product, but on the entire customer experience a company provides. 

Gaining insights into today’s consumers

At the outset of the Dreamforce Sales keynote, “Grow Your Business Today & Build Relationships for Tomorrow,” Innovation Evangelist Tiffani Bova discussed the importance of what she calls insight selling. This B2B strategy is based on three key elements for making your brand stand out from the competition and meet customer expectations:

  • Information that’s valuable that you can use 
  • Insights on your market and customers
  • Actions that you take based on your insights 

Salesforce’s Einstein, the artificial intelligence component running behind its platforms, provides an ideal foundation for an insight selling strategy. Its data on market trends and customer behaviors enable businesses to stay up-to-date on consumer demands and avoid having a segmented view of their customers.

Salesforce-based evolution

For years, businesses have had to take an “adapt or die” approach to their markets, and it’s now become a standard across all industries. During the Sales keynote, Lynn Zaledonis, SVP of Product Marketing at Salesforce said that “over half of Fortune 500 companies that existed over a decade ago do not exist today.” As she explains, they failed to evolve and remained stuck in an outdated mindset. 

A good way to overcome that is by understanding the growth, efficiency, and advantages that new tech tools can provide, and Dreamforce, as usual, was full of the latest Salesforce innovations. Einstein has already been a source for recommendations and next steps, and now those are available to users through a new voice service. With an Einstein-enabled smart speaker, you can now literally talk to Salesforce to retrieve helpful market news, data, and predictions. 

Also, as part of its new voice capabilities, Einstein offers call coaching, which is based on an analysis of hours of previous conversations sales reps have with clients. It then offers insights on emerging markets, top products, and a company’s main competitors, along with the ability to unpack the details behind these insights. When follow-up calls occur, reps are equipped with relevant data that customers will respond to, providing a new dimension to their sales opportunities and helping deliver more personalized experiences. 

Winning with a customer-focused strategy

Those same personalized experiences are an ongoing goal for companies across the business spectrum. “What customers expect is to be treated like humans,” says Greg Schwartz, President of Media and Marketplaces at online real-estate service Zillow. By making purchasing a home easier and less stressful, Zillow has become a leader in its industry and its goal is to “talk to customers in one voice,” according to Schwartz. 

Reaching that goal depends on the gathering of actionable data about customer demands and making that data accessible across the sales team. As a customer makes her way toward a purchase or rental decision, the team can offer personalized connections at every touchpoint and build that sought-after 360 view of their customers.

That unified view is what Peggy Alford of PayPal says Salesforce has given their organization. As the company grew and offered different services, PayPal ran into difficulties keeping data accessible and helping teams collaborate. Daniel Torunian, VP of Employee Engagement and Experiences at PayPal, explains “our underlying technology needed to be a vehicle to unify these teams, but also needed to be a vehicle to be a competitive differentiator for us as to how we enter the market.”

They were able to achieve these tech goals with a Salesforce implementation, which enables their sales teams to be more effective and pinpoint business opportunities more accurately. PayPal has since worked to move beyond a focus on their payment solutions and look at the broader view of the entire experience they offer their customers. 

Uncover new opportunities and help your business stand out

With the latest innovations ready to be implemented, some great opportunities are in reach, yet growing your business requires more than just implementing the latest technology. It also hinges on adopting the right mindset. 

The important factor is your ability to understand your customer, their business, and their challenges. With this knowledge, you can then best know how to help them solve their problems, be successful, and grow their business. 

If you’re ready to transform your CRM and start taking advantage of what Salesforce’s Einstein can provide, we’d love to talk to you. Get in touch with Appirio to start planning your next evolutionary step towards long-term business growth. 


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