How Iqarus Uses Salesforce to Gather Life-Saving Data

January 18, 2017 Nicole Klemp

For over 40 years, the professionals at Iqarus have been providing intelligence-driven health solutions in high-risk environments (like on a Diving Support Vessel operating in the North Sea). As a business that thrives on data, the leaders at Iqarus naturally saw the need to provide employees with a cloud-based tool that would allow them to collect and analyze medical information in real time.

According to David King, Change Manager with Iqarus, the growing company needed to put a system in place that maximizes reporting at all levels of the business and eliminates the need for employees to do repetitive work. “Our objective is to have a pool of anonymized data that we can go back and interrogate,” said King. Check out this quick video to find out how Iqarus is using Salesforce to take a more proactive approach to the services they deliver, and providing their customers with powerful action items for creating safe and productive work environments.

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