32 Must-Follow Twitter Titans for Dreamforce 2019

November 13, 2019 Molly Lauck

The Salesforce ecosystem is huge, friendly, and engaging on Twitter. If you’re like me and are newer to the Salesforce ecosystem or social media in general, then this list is for you! Embrace the #SalesforceOhana spirit and check out some of my favorite partners, Appirians, and Salesforce influencers on social who are expected to be at Dreamforce this year. 

Man in a suit holding a sign that says Social Media Influencers

Full disclosure: this blog is focused on Twitter handles for Salesforce influencers to follow for #DF19. Most of these accounts also have corresponding Instagrams, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts/pages as well. 

ICYMI: check out our Dreamforce Social Media Tips and Tricks to ensure your social media game is ready for #DF19. 

Salesforce + partner handles: 

Official Salesforce handle 
Dreamforce event handles for all things Dreamforce 
Salesforce partner Instagram + Twitter handles 
@appirio (Twitter); @appirio_inc (Instagram) 
Official Appirio handle; Dreamforce Innovator Sponsor 
All things integration 
HigherEd + nonprofit Twitter handle 
Salesforce self training program handle 
Salesforce military community 
@wipro (Twitter); @wiprolimited (Instagram) 
Digital transformation + Appirio parent company
Incentive compensation platform, Appirio partner 
@getconga (Twitter); @congateam (Instagram) 
AI-powered digital document transformation, Appirio partner 
PSA + customer-centro ERP solutions for cloud platform; Appirio partner 
Mobile-specific solution, Appirio partner 
Enterprise solution, Appirio partner 


@techforecastis Mark Adcock 
Senior Consultant, HigerEd expert, Salesforce Champion, and Trailblazer Celeb 
@appiriojohn, John Gorup 
HigherED and NonProfit Director, his email doesn’t include his last name aka he’s an original Appirian + he’s funny. 
@gssahni, Gurvinder Sahni
Appirio CMO with a passion for social media! 
@mollylauck, Molly Lauck
Social Media Marketing Manager, yours truly! 
@adminzach, Zach Banks
Technical Consultant, Austin User Group leader 
@kbakerparkers, Katheryn Baker Parks
Consultant, Einstein Analytics Champion + HigherEd Expert, #DataTribe (use on actual post too)
@special_k71, Kyla Farroll, Consultant 
Consultant, HigherEd Expert - are you catching the theme here? Our #HigherEd Twitter game is strong at @appirio! 
@anilpilania, Anil Pilaniaila, 
Appirio Jaipur Account Director  
@sudipta_1984, Sudipta Deb
Lightning Champion + Kitchener User Group Leader
@EdLamazares, Ed Lamazares
GM of America’s who’s newer to the Twitter game but slowly getting hoooked..

Salesforce Influencers

@benioff, Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO 
@Tiffani_bova, Tiffani Bova, Growth & Innovator Evangelist 
@salesforceben, Ben McCarthy, Salesforce blogger 
@charlieisaacs, Charlie Isaacs, CTO for Customer Connection at Salesforce 
@youngheike, Heike Young, Content Manager at Salesforce 
@danieljpeter, Daniel Peter, Salesforce Bay Area Group Leader 
@dvdkliu, David K. Lui,  Salesforce MVP at Google 
@ValaAfshar, Vala Afshar Chief Digital Evangelist @Salesforce

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