Appirio’s MuleSoft Training Sessions Broaden Company’s Integration Expertise

November 12, 2019 Svatka Simpson

Expanding skill sets will ensure clients receive the latest data integration solutions

The MuleSoft team at Appirio HQ in Indy

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Appirio, a Wipro company, recently held an intensive MuleSoft training program that equipped our digital integration experts with the latest digital integration insights and gave them a pathway to MuleSoft certification. As the demand for data integration strategies increases, Appirio’s investment in our employees’ skill sets will allow us to deliver reliable, scalable solutions that help our clients overcome their integration challenges and reach new achievements. 

The three-day internal learning sessions at Appiro’s Indianapolis headquarters covered the efficiencies and innovations MuleSoft can deliver through its Anypoint Platform. Aimed at our Salesforce technical architects and integration architects, the training built upon their established skills and will be part of a long-term initiative to expand our digital integration services.

Hands-On Learning Opportunities Now and into the Future

The primary goal of the training sessions was to instruct attendees in how to design effective application programming interfaces (APIs) using Anypoint while keeping in mind industry requirements, user preferences, and compliance rules. The sessions were focused on identifying, reusing, and publishing APIs while following the guiding principles of the application network vision Mulesoft has defined as its foundation. 

“The training class on MuleSoft architecture provided the opportunity for seasonal and technical resources that participated in the class to share their technical expertise and identify use cases where MuleSoft API-led connectivity is a game changer,” explains Peter Babalis, Senior Manager at Appirio. 

“I was impressed by the maturity of the tool, which provides additional capabilities besides a solid cloud architecture,” Babalis says. “The tool also offers a solid methodology, outcome-based delivery, and a three-layer approach to achieve measurable impact for the enterprise. It was refreshing to see how architectural patterns like separation of concerns and idempotency along with best practices are baked in the architecture.”

Mohan Paneersevalam, Integration Architect at Appirio, considers the recent sessions to be the best offsite training he’s attended in many years. “It was a great opportunity to meet most technical architects and hear and share their perspectives about utilizing MuleSoft. We spent a lot of time comparing and contrasting various Salesforce integration capabilities and how MuleSoft can complement and augment various business use cases.”

Paneersevalam also had praise for the MuleSoft instructor Mohit Asher. “We had the best MuleSoft trainer who never shies away from tons of questions thrown at him. He provided various real-time use cases and customer references around each MuleSoft concept.

“We covered various concepts, starting from API definitions, CDM, granularity, deployment models, load balancers, nonfunctional requirements, DevOps, and monitoring to measurement. It was a lot of information and provided tons of insight while solutioning MuleSoft. I thank Svatka Simpson [VP of Architecture] and Suyash Awasthi [Global MuleSoft Practice Head and Executive Leader] for organizing and providing this wonderful opportunity.”

The sessions also allowed us to take a step toward reaching a long-term goal of increasing the Mulesoft Anypoint Platform architect certifications in North America. In our efforts to stay in step with the latest technology developments, Appirio purchased Flexible Training Credits (FTCs) early this summer to jumpstart our training efforts for our delivery and presale teams.  

Additionally, as part of our U.S. training efforts, Appirio plans to launch a MuleSoft developer study group for bench technicians, our Ascender team, tech architects, and other team members, such as our presale engineers. The study group will be offered in a self-study format, including a buddy system that encourages collaboration and keeps motivations high. It will also include weekly connects on Q&A and vouchers for the certification provided by our MuleSoft alliance team.

MuleSoft’s Increasing Value and How Appirio Delivers Benefits

MuleSoft’s usage is growing throughout the tech industry, with expectations that its user base is about to triple in size. As software developers are discovering that it enables them to bypass manual data integration methods that would require a greater amount of time and effort. MuleSoft also works in conjunction with Salesforce by integrating disparate data resources and enabling all of it to be accessible by Salesforce. 

Our expectation is that increasing our MuleSoft expertise will accelerate new revenues and bookings with clients seeking data integration solutions. As businesses seek to eliminate data silos and streamline their development processes, investing in our employees will enable us to provide API solutions that put new efficiencies and innovations within reach for our clients. We are excited about the opportunities our MuleSoft services will provide and plan to reach many new achievements in the months ahead. 

To learn more about our MuleSoft integration solutions, contact us today and start planning a new strategy. 

About the Author

Svatka Simpson

Svatka Simpson is the VP of Architecture at Appirio. Her expertise in customer experience, customer relationship management (CRM), and IT strategy has enabled our customers to modernize their operations, gain new efficiencies, and develop best practices. Having attained multiple Salesforce certifications, Svatka is passionate about helping organizations embrace digital technology to elevate their worker and customer experience.

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