Appirio Loves Workday's Learning Management System

September 21, 2018 Chris Glitzer

Workday Learning gives organizations the ability to deliver lessons and educational videos to each worker directly. This fresh Workday Learning platform gives workers a “consumer-like, on demand, relevant, and personalized” experience.


Watch this video featuring Chris Glitzer, Director of Learning and Development here at Appirio, to understand the benefits Appirio experienced by switching to Workday Learning. Navigate this new world of learning, and reach out to Appirio to find out how we can help you integrate Workday Learning into your organization’s worker experience.

We’ll be at Workday Rising, will you? Come visit our booth in the Innovation Exchange Expo in Las Vegas this week to find out more about Workday Learning. And find out more about Appirio’s culture and capabilities, please read more of our resources, available on the Appirio Hub.

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