Simplify Project-Estimating Tasks for Your Remote Team

April 30, 2020 Yoni Barkan

In these uncertain times, many companies are struggling to stay productive now that their employees are working from home. Businesses are scrambling to find solutions that allow their teams to collaborate, continue to operate effectively, and minimize process disruptions.

At Appirio, the majority of our workforce has been remote based for over a decade. The remote work model is in our DNA and has helped us continue working through this crisis with minimal interruptions. And with our international teams, we have an always-on workforce, so our work is always progressing. This positions us to help guide other organizations through their transition to a remote-based structure and deliver cloud-based tools that strengthen company operations.

A product built for remote team productivity

The Appirio spirit is rooted in agility and innovation, so it’s not surprising our engineers built a cloud-based product, Estimator, to accelerate our own scoping and estimating process. Estimator makes easy work for Professional Service organizations to scope and estimate any kind of project.

One of the biggest advantages of Estimator is its availability for your entire team, any time, wherever they are. The application runs in the cloud, so your remote teams can always access and contribute to your estimates. The “always available” state of your estimates enhances team collaboration and speeds up your scoping and estimating process.

Easier collaboration among teams

Now more than ever, Sales teams are challenged with how to stay productive and Collaboration has become even more important. It can be challenging to get everyone on the same page, let alone get the critical input you need from all of your SMEs. Team collaboration is essential for success — feedback from your team ensures the most accurate estimates. However, getting more people involved can introduce risks and delays.
Since Estimator is always available, it improves teamwork. Built on the Salesforce platform, the cloud-based architecture integrates with your existing lead system and includes the powerful, easy-to-use collaboration tools you have come to know, like Salesforce Chatter.
Tired of dealing with the hassles of sending attachments — finding out that an attachment is too large to send or having to chase down the most current version? Working in the cloud means there is one version that the entire team can access. No more passing around spreadsheets to one person at a time, delaying the input process. With the estimate in the cloud, the entire team can provide input anytime, and changes are updated in real time, eliminating delays in the process.

Accelerate Speed of Response

Speed is essential in responding to proposals. In fact, speed of response is now the number-one reason a contract is awarded. But distributed teams can add delays. Estimator speeds up your entire scoping and estimating process by providing anytime access to the estimate so everyone can contribute. With built-in standard scope and timeline library capabilities, you can save multiple versions of scope items and timelines to quickly iterate, reuse, and customize.
Remove time-stealing bottlenecks in your reviews by modifying the Estimator app to include the same status review workflow you use now. Quickly move through the process by assigning a delivery reviewer to advance the estimate to the next step.

We can help solve your remote challenges

Appirio is a Top 5 Global Salesforce Strategic Partner. Our experience includes over 3,000 cloud deployments and 1,500 enterprise customers in 100 countries across six continents. From the beginning, we have had our roots in remote teams. We know what works and what doesn’t. We can help your teams continue to stay productive – and not just in challenging times.
If you are a Professional Services organization, whether your Sales teams are remote, international, or currently struggling to work from home, we can show you how to improve collaboration, shorten the estimating process, and stay productive. Click here to set up a demo of Estimator – a better scoping and estimating experience.

About the Author

Yoni Barkan

Yoni Barkan is Appirio’s VP of Products and Innovation and loves to explore new ways to leverage cloud solutions to close the experience gap. Yoni’s work has been focused within the CRM space since 2003 and includes projects ranging from education to manufacturing to government. He spent many years documenting scope, building timelines, allocating resources and pricing projects with Estimator. Yoni now lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn (the land of strollers and dogs), with his two children, lovely wife, and cuddly little 85-pound pit bull. He was born, raised, and educated in California. (Go Bears!)

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