The Art of Storytelling

August 7, 2020
Beyond Pride Month, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our favorite LGBTQ+ celebrations and initiatives that took place at Appirio and Wipro.    
“Ally through Art” is an initiative that encourages employees to transform what being an “ally” means into “art,” through painting or sketching.  These inspirational artworks were featured in a virtual celebration for India and the Americas employees on Friday, June 26, 2020, before being showcased on the Global Pride 2020 stream on Saturday, June 27, 2020. Here were our featured guests: 


  • Shubha Chacko, Executive Director, Solidarity Foundation: Shubha has a Master's in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. The Foundation is an NGO that supports LGBTIAQ+ and sex workers. Shubha is also a researcher and an author of books, reports, and articles.  
  • Arvind Narrain, Advocate, Alternative Law Forum: Arvind is a Bangalore-based lawyer and writer. He is a founder of the Alternative Law Forum, the co-editor of Law like Love: Queer Perspectives on Law and co-author of Breathing Life into the Constitution. He, along with a team of lawyers, has actively participated in challenging Section 377. 
  • Rachel Higham, Managing Director of IT and Asia, at British Telecom, and leads BT’s global IT organization: Rachel is an Executive Sponsor for BT TechWomen – an award-winning STEM and inclusion program in the company. The Financial Times named Rachel amongst the 50 most inspirational champions of future female leaders. 
  • Sunita Rebecca Cherian, Chief Culture Officer, SVP –Corporate HR and Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity: Sunita Cherian drives the Culture transformation initiative across the organization and set the tone for the virtual Pride parade. Under Sunita’s guidance, Wipro has been widely recognized for its Inclusion & Diversity framework and initiatives. 


  • Bo Young Lee, Chief D&I Officer, Uber: Bo leads Uber’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts. She partners with the senior leadership to build a work culture where radically diverse and inclusive teams drive innovation, accelerate growth, and increase connection to customers and driver-partners.  
  • Josh Newton, SVP, Emory University: Josh is responsible for the university’s next philanthropic campaign, building on Emory’s 10-year strategic plan and its focus on academic eminence.  
  • Julie Novak, Performance Artist and Founder, TMI Project: Julie Novak is a multi-talented designer, musician, actor, performance artist, comedian, and founder of the TMI Project, a nonprofit transmedia organization that conducts storytelling workshops, and creates inspiring live performances and bold digital content. 
  • Laura Langdon, Chief Marketing Officer: Laura spearheads the marketing function at Wipro. 
  • Mellissa Ferrier, LGBTQ+ charter lead and host: Mellissa Ferrier, our host for the panel discussion, has been with Wipro for over five years. She leads the LGBTQ+ charter at Wipro and is a change maker for LGBTQ+ inclusion.  
We recognize that it takes courage and vulnerability to share your stories and had a few of our own Appirians join us on our Inclusion in Tech: Cloud Talks series to talk about their personal experiences.   
  • In our first Cloud Talks Pride episode, Jen Odess, Zachary Banks, and Patrice Jimerson explored the intersectionality of race, sexual orientation, and privilege.  Watch here.
  • In our next Cloud Talks Pride series, Emma Hutchinson discussed the history of LGBTQ+ advocacy and recent gains and setbacks. Watch here.
Our goal is not to change minds, but to understand each other by listening—not just with our ears, with our hearts.   Learn more about inclusion and diversity at Appirio.  
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