The Impact of Communication: Vision Setting for Digital Transformation

October 3, 2019 Carol Fitzgerald Tyler

These are extraordinary times, and businesses face extraordinary transformative challenges. Creating a vision of digital transformation for an organization is but one of those challenges. The vision and mission are both crucial to effectively messaging innovation and transformation. Companies with a clear vision and/or mission are on average more effective in transformation efforts, and as a result, retain more talent, have better corporate cultures, and are more profitable. 

Setting a consistent vision is the first and key step in driving change acceptance and organizational adoption. The leader has a responsibility to paint the vision and show teams the best approaches to stay the course. In a Forbes Insights article, 51% of executives cited support from leadership as the top reason for the success of their business transformation initiatives.   

Communication is often cited as the number one challenge for business transformations and organizational change management. People need to know, what is the vision? The mission? The roadmap? Clear, succinct mission statements are vital to leading the way as opposed to lengthy speeches or emails:  

  • Deliver real-time communications that are relevant, timely, and people-centric.  
  • Design messages to speak to the various organizational levels and to let people know their thoughts are valued; they are being heard, engaged, and acknowledged.  
  • Encourage teams to use communication as paths to innovation and acceptance of broad changing organizational transformations.   

Defining and executing on a strong communications strategy fosters an environment that supports the vision of future possibilities and outcomes. Consider your initiatives and how vision and communication can contribute to a smoother transformation. Then provide a path where the transformation vision can be fully realized, guiding both the implementation team and the entire organization with how to move forward, engaging people and promoting open communication.   

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About the Author

Carol Fitzgerald Tyler

Carol is a globally recognized and published author on organizational transformation, change management (OCM), and communications strategy. She has a passion not only for OCM but for delivering an outstanding customer experience while aligning people with technology changes. She is also a Board of Trustee member for the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, providing STEM-based scholarships, mentoring, and career growth to university students.

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