Mainframes in the Banking Industry Have a New Ally in CRM

February 5, 2020 Mateen Malik

Mainframes continue to be a staple in the banking sector. According to IBM, the process of 87% of all credit card transactions. A ZDNet article included a statistic from IBM’s SHARE user group magazine, which found that nine out of ten major banks and financial institutions have mainframes at the center of their technological strategies. The same article also reported that 71% of Fortune 500 companies rely on mainframes.  

Since the world's largest banks trust mainframes with their data, and will likely continue to do so, having a clear strategy on how to maintain and monetize these data resources will be vital to business operations and growth. 

Salesforce can play a role in achieving this by enabling banks to get the most from their mainframe data. As a leading customer experience solution in the financial services industry, Salesforce can help banks to improve collaboration, transparency, and relevance across lines of business.   

How Salesforce Can Help  

Investing in Salesforce and using it effectively can deliver a range of benefits that will lead to a strong ROI. A paper released by Nucleus Research found that for every dollar spent, a trusted CRM pays back $8.71. In a recent CRM survey, 74% of respondents said their CRM gave them greater access to customer data.  

CRM survey spend and customer satisfaction statistics

For banks that rely on mainframes, Salesforce can be used to mine and surface mainframe data and unlock a holistic view of the customer. This creates a seamless understanding of professional and personal preferences that can empower financial institutions to identify, nurture, and grow profitable relationships. 

Integrating mainframe data into SFDC will boost your ROI by giving you the opportunity to achieve the following benefits: 

  • Improved customer experiences, which can build brand loyalty  
  • Personalized customer journeys that can boost sales  
  • Increased productivity for marketing and sales professionals  
  • More relevant and efficient communication among teams 
  • Transparent and meaningful inter-department data tracking  

To achieve this integration, an understanding of a mainframe’s application programming interfaces (APIs) will be needed, and our team can deliver a customized strategy for implementing Salesforce with your infrastructure.  

Appirio’s approach to unlocking mainframe value with Salesforce 

The well-known API First approach is a way of designing and building an app or features on a platform. As the name implies, the first step is to build the application programming interface (API) first before building the actual app or features.  

At Appirio, our method of API First translates to design prioritization. This gives our clients and partners 100% flexibility and scalability. Our approach consists of the following steps: 

  1. All present: We first define the underlying API that the user experience will be built upon.  
  2. All aboard: With the design completed, we move to Define. All needed data from the mainframes is identified and clearly translated in our data flow diagram (DFD).  
  3. All accounted for: Security is key as we create this transparent and rich layer. Data sensitivity and accountability are sequential steps in this otherwise agile process. 
  4. All relevant: An abundance of data does not necessarily translate to improvement. We have collaborated with analysts to solve the challenge of data-rich, knowledge-poor, and surface-relevant data in Salesforce based on the screen, transaction, and action the user is engaged with. 

As you look at unlocking the value of mainframe data with their ever-evolving Salesforce investment, we at Appirio can partner with you to ensure that relevant, secure, and valid data is presented in the right context. We can help reduce dependency and, in some cases, eliminate the need for spreadsheets. 

Let us empower your Salesforce users to make data-driven decisions that result in customer loyalty. Contact us today to learn how we can transform your mainframe-based infrastructure and improve your Salesforce ROI.  

About the Author

Mateen Malik

Mateen Malik is the Global Head and GM for Financial Services at Appirio. He heads the Appirio business globally for Capital Markets, Retail Banking, Insurance, Wealth and Risk. He is responsible for creating the Blockchain offering for Wipro's Salesforce business.

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