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APPIRIO | SALESFORCE HEALTH CLOUD APPIRIO | HEALTH CLOUD PRACTICE Go Beyond Health Records Drive productivity on the Salesforce platform to improve and manage the entire patient care process Putting patients at the center of the care system is critical to succeed in today's healthcare landscape. That goes beyond focusing on health records and evolving to focus on patient relationships. In order to focus on patient relationships, healthcare professionals and employees must have access to tools that allow them to understand patients more deeply. Unlock the power of Health Cloud with Appirio ● Unify Disparate Data and Applications - Is pulling patient and other historic information from a myriad of applications a challenge? With Health Cloud, unlock data from CRM, marketing, back office systems, legacy systems of record, and electronic health records (EHRs) to bridge the gap between data silos so healthcare professionals can get a complete view of the patient. ● Deep Salesforce Expertise - Health Cloud leverages powerful features from Service Cloud and Salesforce Communities so healthcare providers can better engage with patients on a more personal level. As one of the largest and longest-standing Salesforce partners, Appirio brings the expertise to best leverage the entire Salesforce platform. Focus on Patient Relationships Healthcare organizations must adapt to the new ways patients expect information, interaction, and access to healthcare professionals. It takes a forward-thinking approach to fully adopt cloud technology like Health Cloud in order to maximize the investment. Partner with Appirio to help with the rollout and adoption of Health Cloud so you can focus on building meaningful patient relationships. Roadmap to Health Cloud Success Complete Patient View → Smarter Patient Management → Connected Patient Engagement → Gain quick momentum by integrating patient data from the EHR and other systems to create rich, contextual patient profiles. A complete patient view gives healthcare professionals access to the right patient information they need. Utilizing the full power of the Salesforce Platform can provide you with a complete view of your patients. Appirio can help determine what to utilize within the Salesforce Platform next to gain more momentum and help you manage your entire patient base. Engage with patients across networks and on any device by extending Health Cloud to mobile platforms. Communicate with patients using secure, personalised messages, assign tasks to caregiver networks, and collaborate seamlessly with care teams. Empower healthcare workers to focus on patient relationships with Health Cloud and Appirio today.

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