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© 2018 Appirio, Inc. 888.680.7227 Persona-led Transformation A Persona is a key user segment of your workforce. Understanding these personas helps visualize the solution from the perspective of the user, inform the Workday design to enhance the Worker Experience and increase adoption. With our Persona-led transformation, you will know what each of your persona's will experience through every stage of your deployment. Understanding the journey your key players are going to take and how they will be affected throughout the deployment will set you up for a successful transition and smooth go-live. Persona's are also accounted for in our Change Commitment Curve. This commitment curve is one way that describes the change process that your persona's will go through during your Workday deployment. Our role on the change enablement team is to anticipate the needs of each persona through the stages of the transformation from awareness to commitment. By taking a persona-centric approach you can create a personalized change plan to ensure you are reaching your intended audience and driving adoption. How is Persona-centric different? Have you ever started using a mobile app and wished it was easier to use, more engaging, and better suited for your needs? If you don't immediately have a positive experience with the app you are probably going to delete it and move on. With a persona driven implementation we are able to apply our Worker Experience strategy to your HCM solution, putting the emphasis on employee adoption and engagement. The focus becomes the quality and value of your HCM platform, driving an enhanced Worker Experience. Persona's - Why are they so Important? Drive Change Identify Change Impacts Outline Key Communication Opportunities Anticipate & Manage Change Enable Design Access Needs, Process Optimization Opportunities, Like Process & Need Insights Create Focus Worker & User Experience Led Shape Reporting What Data is Needed? What Drives the Business? Prepare for the Future Leveraged for Future Projects, Change Initiatives, Roadmap Analysis & Priortization

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