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© 2018 Appirio, Inc. 888.680.7227 APPIRIO'S GOOGLE CLOUD PRACTICE AT-A-GLANCE Appirio is a global services company helping customers create next-generation worker experiences, using the latest cloud technologies. Our free-thinking consultants deliver unmatched customer value by developing actionable strategies, delivering results quickly, and helping organizations adapt to a new experience-driven era. We bring outcomes, not hours. Operating as a Google Customer and Partner since 2006, Appirio thrives on the long-term agility gained from the solutions we use and deploy. With solutions like Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we can help you to improve productivity, collaboration, and create an improved worker experience, through a consistent Google consumer-grade user interface. Concentrate on business value rather than maintaining IT infrastructure by moving to GCP. Leverage Appirio's expertise in G Suite and GCP solutions (e.g. App Engine, Container Engine, Kubernetes, Compute Engine, and Cloud SQL). Retire legacy applications and databases and cash in on the promise of a more intuitive, more cost-friendly cloud platform. Appirio Brings a Different Experience Through... GCP G Suite PaaS Jamboards Custom App Dev Chrome Devices Google API's (vision, translate) 1. Analyse and Retire Analyse the database's last date of use. Retire (and bring out of scope) databases that haven't been used for longer than X months 2. Migrate to G Suite Align G Suite functionality with the simpler Notes databases. Low hanging fruit would be mail-in databases that can be replaced with Google's collaborative Inbox. Mapping is also easy from simpler databases to Sheets or Sites. On a case-by-case scenario, you should define 'if' and 'how'. 3. G Suite Marketplace Some out-of-the box database replacements can be found in the G-Suite Marketplace 4. SaaS Replacements Remediate applications that acclimate well to the Salesforce or Workday environments 5. PaaS choices for re-development The remainder of applications will need remediation through development. • For applications and complex Macros: Google Apps Script, Google App Maker, and Google Cloud Platform • For applications that contain multiple approval and workflow processes:

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