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PATIENT ONBOARDING SHOULDN'T BE A HEADACHE FOR PATIENTS OR PROVIDERS • The average American will spend 19 minutes and 16 seconds waiting to see their clinician according to Vitals Annual Physician Time Report • 86% of mistakes in the healthcare industry are administrative • 60% of patients aren't willing to hold for more than a minute • And only 32% will call back To learn more, get in touch with Jim Hand at, (404)-227-0675. Built to maximize the value of your Salesforce Health Cloud solution, the Appirio Patient Onboarding Bolt enables you to welcome pa- tients, register them in your systems, and give them a positive first impression of how things work at your organization. New Patient 1. Responds to a marketing campaign 2. Calls Patient Access Center (PAC) to schedule an appointment 3. Receives a secure email link to the Onboarding Bolt 4. Completes required medical history 5. Completes insurance information and takes a photo of their card 6. Submits co-pay for upcoming visit 7. Submits information to PAC/ physician practice (based on access model) Specialist Referral 1. Patient has already completed the Onboarding Bolt at a primary care appointment 2. Stored information is reviewed by patient via tablet 3. Patient confirms medical and insurance information and modifies where necessary 4. Patient submits payment via tablet while waiting to see the specialist Urgent Care 1. Patient logs in to check wait time 2. Patient completes Onboarding Bolt 3. Patient fills out insurance information, medical history, and uploads photo of insurance card 4. Patient submits co-pay and submits information to urgent care facility Appirio Patient Onboarding Bolt

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