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SOLUTIONS TO COMMON CRM POST-IMPLEMENTATION ISSUES After implementing a CRM system, that's when the real work begins. If your team is experiencing some obstacles, the right approach can help you overcome them and deliver valuable services to your customers. Problem: NOT UNDERSTANDING YOUR CUSTOMERS WELL ENOUGH. Solution: Gathering and analyzing the right data is essential to gaining insights on your customers' preferences, demands, and pain points. Your CRM system should draw data from all touchpoints (Web, social media, text campaigns, email, and in-store purchases) and provide a centralized overview without any data silos. Problem: NOT GIVING EMPLOYEES ENOUGH HOW-TO KNOWLEDGE. Solution: Post-implementation, you'll need to provide a thorough training program that will teach employees how to use your CRM platform, discuss its advantages, and convey how it will help them reach new achievements. Each department will use the tool differently, so your training should be tailored to their goals and responsibilities. Problem: YOU'RE NOT STEPPING INTO YOUR EMPLOYEES' MINDSET. Solution: Not everyone who will use the technology you're implementing was involved in the purchasing decision. Try to put yourself in their shoes and listen to their concerns. Understand their personal and professional goals and help them do their jobs with the least amount of disruption. Problem: NOT ASKING CUSTOMERS THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Solution: To create a strategy for solving customer problems, you'll need to know their challenges and needs. Talk to everyone; don't just stop at Sales. Get different people to paint you a picture of their day-to- day workflows and visualize how the solutions you're implementing can fit into their existing workflows — don't reinvent the wheel, find areas that overlap, and reduce major behavior changes when and where you can. Problem: YOU DON'T HAVE A TAG TEAM PARTNER. Solution: In tag team wrestling, you've got a partner waiting to step into the ring when things get tough. Having an ally on the customer side can help you encourage users to adopt new workflows, reduce friction, and better understand customer needs. Problem: YOU HAVEN'T DEFINED WHAT SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE TOGETHER. Solution: Success has different definitions for different people. Customers are no different. Work together to identify what success looks like; pick two or three areas to focus on and review how you're working together to meet those goals. Make adjustments periodically, but most importantly, be transparent — regularly check in with customers to let each other know how things are going. Problem: HOW DO YOU KNOW IMPLEMENTATION IS WORKING? Solution: A CRM system should be creating positive experiences that are making tasks easier, unlocking actionable insights, and demonstrating real value that is driving users to adopt the technology and process you've implemented. It should also provide a good foundation that can be expanded on in the future. | 888.680.7227 |

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