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CUSTOMER SERVICE INTERNAL COLLABORATION COMMUNICATING WITH PARTNERS Want to interact with your customers without using call centers? Interested in easier ways for your teams to share ideas? Need to revamp how you communicate with business partners? Salesforce's Community Cloud enables your brand to solve each of those issues, and all within your Salesforce org. It offers a social platform where customers, partners, and internal employees can find solutions, share updates, and discuss current projects. Want to learn more about Salesforce Communities? Check out this article at the Appirio Hub. Ready to create your Salesforce Community? Let's talk. Today's consumers want to find the information they need quickly and easily. Whenever they have questions or concerns, having to call and wait for a call center rep is exactly what everyone wants to avoid. With Communities, customers can find the answers from searchable content or via online chats with a help desk or other customers in a simple, always-available platform. Your company can also keep its finger on the pulse of customers' likes and dislikes, and learn how to deliver better products. Good teamwork doesn't happen without clear communication, and Salesforce Communities aren't just for external use. They can also be used for teams and across departments within your organization so that communication silos are broken down and people can collaborate more easily. Regardless of where people are located, whether in the field, in the office, or at home, they can assist one another, discuss upcoming projects, share insights, and even boost employee morale. Communities can also help you keep in touch with business partners. Your Community will allow you to have a secure forum for announcing the latest news, offering ideas, and planning your next business deal. Here is where you can also share information on recent wins and go-lives, upcoming events, and any industry shakeups. Your teams can also answer and raise questions on current projects and ensure everyone's on the same page. | 888.680.7227 | WHAT ARE SALESFORCE COMMUNITIES AND HOW CAN THEY HELP?

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