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Creating a 360 view of your customers with siloed data is like watching a movie with missing scenes. It's fragmented, inaccurate, and doesn't tell you the whole story. To maximize the power of your CRM system, you'll need to make sure it's connected to all data resources without any gaps, allowing you to reach the following advantages, all of which link together: CRM DATA INTEGRATION: THE ESSENTIALS 01. | 888.680.7227 | © 2020 Appirio, Inc. 1. CREATE A 360 VIEW OF YOUR CUSTOMERS: The central integration goal is to develop a complete view of your customers as individuals. With data gathered from each touchpoint of the customer's journey, you can formulate a game plan for how to turn him or her into a repeat customer. 3. IMPROVE COLLABORATION AND PRODUCTIVITY: As you eliminate data silos, you can also remove teamwork silos. With a fully integrated CRM system, teams can share valuable data, leverage everyone's expertise, and more quickly derive insights on what customers will respond to best. 2. BUILD A SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH (SSOT): With integrated data, team members can access the latest updates in a single, unified view. You can say goodbye to delays, inconsistencies, and the need to relay messages across teams or departments. 4. DELIVER THE IDEAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Once your team has a 360 view of customers and has an easier way to collaborate, you can provide personalized customer engagements tailored to their preferences and have a better chance at building brand loyalty. 84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. Nearly half of today's marketers report that their data is "siloed and difficult to access." A past survey found that business's top marketing objective is to base more decisions on data analysis.

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