Cloud-based Innovations in Manufacturing

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Supply chain: Expand your ability to manage devices, data, and employees with access to multiple IT systems throughout the manufacturing process. The cloud also enables resilience in times of crisis, increased data security, and improved communication among teams. Design and prototyping: Speed up your ability to design, build, and test new products without relying on time-consuming, antiquated processes. Develop the ideal product design more quickly and create innovative prototypes while keeping costs low. Production: Pinpoint and respond to production issues more quickly with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and other cloud-based manufacturing technologies. You'll be able to gain new eciencies in the production process and achieve greater productivity. Distribution: Get your products to market faster and open new collaboration channels with business partners. With greater opportunities to share data, you can make more informed business decisions, better respond to customer needs, and become more competitive. Cloud-Based Innovations in the Manufacturing Value Chain As the manufacturing industry rebounds from the recent economic disruptions, many companies are reexamining their tech infrastructures. Legacy systems that had been key to previous success are no longer capable of helping businesses stay competitive. Maintaining business continuity requires a resilient infrastructure that allows greater collaboration, enables anywhere access, and reduces security risks. The cloud makes all these possible and helps teams stay productive when working remotely. From product design to customer purchases, the overall manufacturing value chain can gain new benefits from a cloud-based business strategy in the following areas: These advantages are on their way to becoming standards as the cloud becomes a central component in how manufacturers operate. To learn how to implement or expand your cloud-based infrastructure, contact us today.

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