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011. Facing increasing pressures due to heightened global competition, more informed buyers, and the commoditization of physical products and equipment, manufacturers that want to thrive, need to adopt technologies that can help them deliver more value and move up the value chain. Establish realistic goals for CX initiative Many times, transformation goals are not clearly set, making it difficult to execute and measure outcomes against them. Even well-defined measurable goals are lost in execution as the CX transformation roadmap is broken down to its constituent projects and different teams/partners take ownership of execution. Original vision and intent is not carried forward to these teams or projects. And when each project is run to a schedule and budget instead of measure outcomes, quality, or their impact on key organizational metrics, you have a successful operation but the patient is dead. Many companies and their service providers come up short because they don't have the culture, processes, tools, or expertise to run programs to deliver desired outcomes. This leads to broken CX, or what we call the Experience or Value Gap - the difference between planned and delivered CX. What's more is that the gap is directly proportional to how soon the program deviates from its original intent and goals. That's why it's important to partner with a team that knows how to build a realistic roadmap for a DX initiative to closely follow the vision of the future CX. 1. Empower Your Customer Subject Matter Experts CX transformation initiatives succeed only when they empower the people that are tasked to deliver those experiences. In other words, you will need to transform your Worker Experiences (WX) along with your CX. Processes and systems that feed data and insights to provide better CX have to work efficiently so people that use them find them easy to work with and enjoy delivering better service to their customers. Find Partners With CX-WX Transformational Methodologies CX transformation requires a partner that is both an "agency and consultancy" with a 'digital native' mindset. Such a partner can bring a rich set of methodologies, tools, and frameworks to deliver your desired business outcomes. You'll also want to look for a partner with assets that can enable the latest technologies such as automation, AI, and IoT on powerful platforms such as Salesforce and other enterprise systems for manufacturers. Your partner should be able to deliver business benefits within definitive timeframes and value transparency and collaboration. 2. 3. © 2019 Appirio, Inc.

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