3 Principles To Help MFG Navigate the Digital Future

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1 5. 1 Empower teams. It pays to put people first. In fact, the key to delivering well-adopted, high- performing digital products is team empowerment. Our goal is to foster a culture that promotes high product development standards by encouraging minimal management intervention. When it comes to creating solutions, we trust our teams will collaborate to find the most strategic path forward. 2 Innovate through collaboration. A strong ecosystem of partnerships includes different players across delivery and customer-facing teams as well as external partners. Because it involves so many different viewpoints, this structure is vital to the success of any digital transformation program. 3 Remember that small wins lead to big successes. Barring a few rare examples, almost nothing great was built in a day. That's why Appirio and Wipro intentionally adopt flexible, agile procedures for executing goal-driven team projects. We celebrate iterative progress while implementing a continuous flow of digital programs that build on and adopt improvements over time. Global manufacturing organizations now realize the potential for automated technologies to deliver exponential growth. By combining our areas of expertise, Appirio and Wipro allow companies to tap into critical data — including customer life cycle information, sales pipeline data, and growth forecasts — so that teams can use these technologies effectively and become better equipped to achieve their targets. Want to learn more about how Appirio uses Salesforce to drive innovation in manufacturing? Connect with us on our website or social media. We'd love to hear from you.

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