Better Together in the Midst of a Global Crisis

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BETTER TOGETHER IN THE MIDST OF A GLOBAL CRISIS COVID-19 reveals who is ready to respond and who is at risk The coronavirus pandemic has placed extraordinary demands on people and businesses worldwide, causing anxiety and uncertainty among employees and stakeholders. The COVID-19 pandemic has left businesses around the globe struggling to stay afloat. Thousands of businesses have been forced to stay away from offices and large groups of people, and many have found they're not ready for a remote work environment. With more than 14 years and 60% of our workforce engaged in remote work, Appirio isn't just able to navigate a "work from home" model: it is baked into our culture. Appirio was built to operate in our current world of remote working. Our team members are fully comfortable in that environment. We can bring this culture and leadership to clients ensuring our joint pursuits will succeed in this time of change. "With a culture based primarily on a remote workforce, Appirio is well positioned to respond to this crisis. Helping businesses successfully adapt to change and transform their operations has been our mission since Appirio's inception. In this new environment, our combination of agility, expertise, and dedication will enable your organization to maintain its momentum and build new engagement opportunities." - Hari Raja, Global Head of Appirio Why choose Appirio to help you respond in a time of crisis: Our Global Presence Appirio works across the globe, in all time zones. Our project managers will coordinate and schedule calls at times that work for the majority of the project team/remote consultants and provide a clear and actionable agenda for each meeting. Caring for our team members, customers, and prospects is our top priority. As leaders in remote, flexible workforce, Appirio is primed and ready to foster a user experience of collaboration and transparency with our prospects and customers. We stay connected in times of crisis, leveraging video conference options while remaining engaged with the broader project team. We Value Our People and Yours We are Prepared to Prioritize Productivity Appirio is committed to delivering excellence and business continuity. We create shorter sessions that yield productive results during the project, avoiding lengthy all-day remote sessions that diminish productivity. Detailed, clear notes including action items and next steps will be available via tools such as Appirio's CMC system, Jira, or other repositories. | 888.680.7227 | © 2020 Appirio, Inc.

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