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Appirio's Member Portal Accelerator for Medical Payers: Enhancing engagements and simplifying operations A Lightning Bolt that connects payer members with vital healthcare information The digital experiences medical payers provide their policy members are a crucial part of their services. W hen plan members access a payer's member portal, they expect to find an easy -to-navigate resource that will allow them to find the information they need quickly and easily, no matter the device they use. The seamless experiences customers receive in other aspects of their digital life drive these expectations and remaining competitive depends on delivering compelling engagements to customers at each touchpoint. Creating stronger engagements that build loyalty depends on implementing the right tech tools. Appirio's Member Portal Accelerator provides medical payers with a means of offering a compelling self-service engagement portal to plan members, based on an effective orchestration of Salesforce's Community Cloud and Health Cloud. By ensuring members can quickly access information or contact a customer service rep (CSR) with questions, the Accelerator gives medical payers a platform for achieving their engagement goals and delivering more compelling digital experiences. .01 | 888.680.7227 | w w w © 2021 A ppirio, Inc. Combining Salesforce and MuleSoft Capabilities To support their operations, payers require several complex systems, and many of these have their own engagement layer. The most efficient infrastructure is a single engagement layer built on Salesforce that's integrated with the existing systems via MuleSoft and that can avoid disrupting teams as the systems are modernized. Using a combination of Community Cloud, Health Cloud, and Einstein, medical payers can develop a scalable, future-proof platform on which to build seamless engagements. MuleSoft's integration capabilities ensure that data silos are eliminated and that member records provide a complete overview of the claims data from Health Edge for Health Cloud contact centers and members. The Accelerator also harnesses the industry-specific components of Salesforce Communities (formerly known as Vlocity) to reduce the time it takes to achieve business value. Salesforce's 2019 State of the Connected Customer report revealed that 84% of customers view the experiences they receive from a company to be as important as its products. The report also found that 60% of customers would agree to pay higher prices for better service, making it clear that earning customer loyalty comes down to the experiences that organizations provide them.

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