A Holistic Approach to Engaging Retail Workers

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© 2016 Appirio, Inc. 888.680.7227 APPIRIO WORKER EXPERIENCE A Holistic Approach to Engaging Retail Workers 5 Things That Set Us Apart 1. We Work Differently: A Culture of Free-Thinking Consultants Our free-thinking consultants - many of whom are practitioners themselves - challenge conventional thinking to lead your organization in the creation of next-generation Worker and Customer Experiences. 2. Actionable Strategy Our strategic guidance focuses on the investments in people, process, and technology to spark change and deliver results in days and weeks, not months and years. 3. The Appirio Cloud Management Center We deliver every project using the Appirio Cloud Management Center - a one-of-a-kind suite of applications, pre-built solution accelerators, and access to a 1 million-member crowdsourcing community. 4. Cloud Management We provide ongoing advice, enhancements, support, and administration of your cloud solutions, allowing you to focus on transforming your business. 5. We Practice What We Preach We run our own global business 100% on cloud-based technology. Why Worker Experience is Critical Today's retail workers expect a consumer-grade experience from the moment they are recruited, and continuing on through hiring, onboarding, and becoming proficient in their roles. Whether on your payroll, contracted, contingent, or crowdsourced, providing your people with a world-class worker experience gives your organization a competitive edge to attract, engage, and retain top talent. The Appirio Worker Experience Service Offering for the retail industry helps to identify the strengths and gaps in your existing CRM, HCM, and other enabling technologies to create a holistic system for employee engagement that includes: • Employee/Community Groups • Collaboration & User Interaction • HR Helpdesk • Case Management • Knowledge Management • Custom Mobile & Store Applications Because we understand that your retail organization and its people are unique, we develop a personalized solution that includes: • Initial Workshop - Educate and set expectations for all stakeholder groups • Discovery Session - Uncover Worker Experience issues across the business • VisionMap - Define the vision for the future-state experience • Prototyping - Rapid wireframing to identify future-state option • Recommendations - Vendor and process guidance to achieve success

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