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© 2016 Appirio, Inc. 888.680.7227 The Keys to a Vibrant Community Digital communities should be the most vibrant parts of a Customer & Worker Experience. Unfortunately, many digital communities aren't created with exceptional experiences in mind. The Digital Age has made communities an expected part of a customer's, partner's, or employee's experience. Consequently, communities are now a primary way to access knowledge, share ideas, and create culture. But how do you ensure that your community is cultivating the rich interaction necessary for a community to thrive? Higher Education Needs are Complex CREATING MODERN COMMUNITY EXPERIENCES 5 Things That Set Us Apart 1. We Work Differently: A Culture of Free-Thinking Consultants Our free-thinking consultants — many of whom are practitioners themselves — challenge conventional thinking to lead your organization in the creation of next-generation Worker and Customer Experience. 2. Actionable Strategy Our strategic guidance focuses on the investments in people, process, and technology to spark change and deliver results in days and weeks, not months and years. 3. The Appirio Cloud Enablement Suite We deliver every project using the Appirio Cloud Enablement Suite — a one-of-a- kind suite of applications, pre-built solution accelerators, and access to a one million- member crowdsourcing community. 4. Cloud Management We provide ongoing advice, enhancements, support, and administration of your cloud solutions, allowing you to focus on transforming your business. 5. We Practice What We Preach We run our own global business 100% on cloud-based technology. At Appirio, we know people are an organization's most valuable asset. Providing them a space to build relationships is the first step towards building satisfaction and loyalty. Our experts are trailblazers in the field and have established the key formula for building a vibrant digital community. Partnering with us means thinking differently about your approach to digital communities: • Persona Driven: Understand the key personas and their current experiences to identify needs, pains, & opportunities • User Experience Focused: Work with our UX professionals to assess every step of the user experience for optimal engagement • Agile & Customizable: Quickly configure your community based on proven templates & industry knowledge. • Dynamic: Modify your communities and implement new features based on the evolution of your user's needs. Appirio knows the surest way to enhance the lifetime value of a community is to make sure the user's needs are put first. To do that, the technology must be nimble and every interaction successful. We work with our clients to not only deliver on a vision but push the limits of what seems possible.

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