Transforming Customer Service in the Cloud

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1 888.680.7227 The phrase "age of the customer" seems to have sprung up almost overnight, a new mantra for companies looking to trade in their traditional ways for more customer-centric methods. But in today's digital-first culture, what does it mean to be customer-centric? What is it that customers want? It's 3 things, really: meaningful insight into their behavior, outstanding digital technologies that allow anytime, anywhere access across all devices, and an engaged workforce to deliver on their needs. While providing a seamless Customer Experience should be a cornerstone of any modern business, making the leap from outdated legacy technology to cloud-based customer service software that puts customers at the center of your business's intentions can be daunting. Service Cloud, Salesforce's answer to intuitive, real- time customer service, helps simplify customer-centric Customer Experience for businesses. Customers don't want to play the telephone game with multiple customer service reps; they want faster, smarter communications and optimized processes for resolving issues. Now is the time to meet customers where they are — be it on a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop — and make better use of the data your business collects at every customer touchpoint. We've moved past expecting customers to work within the confines of an old school customer service system and into the new age of a truly customer- centric Customer Experience… and that begins with smarter cloud technology. Ultimately, the customer service secret is an important combination of people and technology — 2 things this diverse collection of Salesforce Service Cloud customer success stories will further explore. Transforming Customer Service in the Cloud

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