Top 10 Lightning Components to Elevate Your LEX Transition

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© 2018 Appirio, Inc. 888.680.7227 Top 10 Appirio Lightning Components to Elevate Your LEX Transition What is a Lightning Component? Lightning Components are reusable sections of UI that can span from a single line of text to an entire, self-contained app. They are built on the Lightning Component Framework — a UI framework from Salesforce for developing single- page, dynamic applications for mobile and desktop devices. Lightning Components are critical to the enhancement of a LEX-enabled org, helping the workforce to be more productive, collaborative, and aware of the information contained in Salesforce. Lightning Components can be created, combined, and customized to add serious applications — or make changes to the details — until your LEX org works for your team. Lightning Components get you moving fast. Combine that with Appirio expertise, and get ready to move at warp speed. Below is a compilation of our Top 10 most popular Lightning Components. Top 10 Appirio Lightning Components Our experts are always working hard to develop hundreds of innovative and rapidly deployable components that add functionality and ease to Lightning-enabled Salesforce deployments. We've narrowed down the list to the Top 10 most popular Lightning components you need to improve productivity, maintain your favorite functionalities from Classic, and add some tools that are just plain cool. Lightning Apex Data Service (LADS) The Lightning Apex Data Service is a suite of Lightning components and related metadata that allow community designers and developers to quickly prototype and build complex communities that utilize data from any source accessible in Apex. These components are highly configurable within community builder and leverage custom caching for improved efficiency and performance. 1 Dynamic Tables Create table views of objects and their fields by selecting desired fields, which the tool pulls in to render tables on the spot. Dynamic Tables are great for viewing and quickly switching specific object information and fields. Related Lists with Live Search The component allows the user to view information in standard Lightning related lists, but adds the ability to live search and filter while eliminating the need to switch windows or hit refresh. Inline Anything Hierarchy: A functionality that users often missed after transitioning to LEX, the Inline Anything Hierarchy component allows users to view the hierarchical relationships of any object in a collapsible tree format. This component is also available as a Visualforce component, which automatically changes between Lightning and Classic, depending on the UX chosen by each user. 2 3 Custom charts A Lightning component that allows users to build custom, interactive, and engaging charts. Users can provide the datasets from external sources or Salesforce reports to create bar, pie, line, and doughnut charts in Salesforce. 5

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