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© 2018 Appirio, Inc. 888.680.7227 Multi-role ownership What is DevOps? A combination of practices and tools that automate development & IT processes to improve products at a faster pace with continuous building, testing, and release management. DevOps allows organizations to better serve their customers, by merging siloed development and operation teams, which integrates and strengthens the application lifecycle. The CALMS Framework for adopting DevOps Culture Automation Lean Measurement Sharing Cross-functional collaboration Eliminate repetitive manual work Continuous improvement Product usage Share responsibility and success Project-oriented teams vs. function- based teams Yield repeatable processes Hold regular retrospectives to improve team's processes Time from development to deployment Pair dev and ops in each phase of the application's lifecycle Goal alignment Create reliable systems Embrace failure Recurring bugs & failures Publicize positive feedback How do I make it happen? To streamline the DevOps philosophy, teams require a culture and mindset shift. Why DevOps? Speed: innovate for your customers, adapt to changing markets, drive business results. Rapid delivery: increase frequency and pace of releases, build competitive advantage. Scale: automation and consistency to manage complex, changing systems. Reliability & security: ensure quality and delivery while retaining control and preserving compliance Improved collaboration: emphasize ownership, accountability, and combined workflows in teams Versatility: deliver to multiple platforms such as, Heroku, and Amazon Web Services Increase Communication Remove Barriers

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